day 7

it's been a week already. and i only managed to get my first entry of the year 06 on the 6th day of it. so much for having a resolution to keep my blog updated. technically, i've been away for the past few days. even i had my last entry for chapter 12 done on the day one of 06 itself. i slept early on the new year eve itself as kind of tired and didn't manage to wish people around me the new year thing. in fact, my long list of 06 resolutions got mess up and haven't been prioritise yet.
then i was away from my lappie since monday till last thursday, attending this DCS training somewhere in Shah Alam. so more or less, i couldn't have good time for myself to do some thinking on things to be written as my first entry of the new year.
1st Jan 05
wish ucop and few friends 'Happy New Year'. nothing much except kept myself busy with the office work i.e. report etc. and PTB had only me and my boss that day. other than sorting out things/forms for my training on the next day, i was left in sleepy blues, wondering on how this new year should be for me, i mean the resolutions thing.
met ucop for dinner and discussed on the module for our monsoon camp LDK. it was quite an effective one as we managed to finalise it, i guess.
slept quite late that night, as i'd be on leave on the next day.
2nd - 5th Jan 05
took a flight to KLIA in the afternoon and wondering whoelse be joining the training, other than rahman and the two 'Raju's. BlueWave kind of nice hotel, as everything look new, but the location just made me clueless. Bullah and Zuhadi took me for dinner somewhere at TTDI jaya that nite.
next day, still no sign of whoelse joining the training, i took early cab to FOXBORO office and arrived there 30 mins before the office itself opened. so much of punctuality.
the training started late nearly 10 am, as waiting others from PGB arrived, which turned out to be quite a number actually. It was a pointless and not so much added value thing, i mean the training, as i was kind of lost in translation with the things that they discussed, plus to have myself listen all those non-related issue about our plant been discussed/argued by the so-knowledgeable people in the training. i mean, what the heck? it was not part of the training syllabus. we got more to look, but looked like everyone that involve in the argument showing off themselves. that day, i decided to go to KLCC after the training, as found myself damned clueless what to do at Plaza Alam Sentral. Dinner with Zam, before went back to BlueWave.
the next day, still the same boring training, and i started to miss kerteh already. on the nite Bullah took me to Syed at Plaza Alam Sentral for dinner, before we stopped near the Dataran Shah Alam, to watch people from my exschool Alumni having the rugby training. Finally met the Brother Bosqa and Qisan, while had a really good time meeting few friends that i haven't met for the past 9-8 years like Balrog, Reza etc.
Next day, i took early cab to KLIA as my flight was somewhere at 0920. I went back straight to kerteh as arrived kuantan, and had my evening filled with sleeping before been waking up by mum during asar. then, nothing much been done except reading my first Men's Health mag of the year, while checking mails and did some net surfing.
6th Jan 05
Didn't start early, as i woke up late. But had quite a lot of things done in the morning. Changed the bedsheet and everything, before sorting out all my photography magazines in my collection, books etc. , updating my blog, register my paypal, my google adsense etc. oh... i just poorer by 140 buck for spending on this 'idea' how to generate 100-300 pounds of income daily. stupid of me as i discovered the things that i downloaded just pieces of information that could be found freely on the net or i could've asked ucop for that. now i have to think how to get back the money and by hook or crook, it'll be only by following the 'idea'. i'm gonna...wait i have to start thinking on my own 'internet-business' thing seriously, finally. much for inspiration from the talk i had with ucop, or knowing Irfan Khairi things. and technically, all the registration for yahoo market search thing, google adsense etc. may be can be considered as a start to that serious thinking.
went out to hang out with ucop and azli, after asar. ucop made quite a progress so far, and i'm kind of inpsired and proud with his enthusiasm on the matter. well...he's the next cyber enterpreneur in making. good luck bro!. i've added the links to his website here. feel free to visit UbahSuai and KelabJutawan...but both still under early stage of construction. had dinner with Ng joining us, at McD yesterday nite..well everything was on Ng as he'll be celebrating his 25th birthday on this 9th. and we stayed till nearly midnite, did all the talking etc. i had good time...and to listen all those funny stories...hehe..giler la korang nih...macam-macam ada.
Anyway, i was thinking of going to the office today, but as i woke up late and then my parents got the plan to go to kemaman to meet kak long's future in-laws, made up my mind to join them. not an effective trip, as i found myself kind of wasting time as i feel like i got much things to do if i were to stay at home etc. hehehe...
time flies, and this is the same thought i had when i wrote my first entry of 05, a year ago. within another 7 months 8 days, i'm gonna leave the first quarter of a decade, of my life..well if i were to live that long. somehow, it technically, all the things that happened for the past 25 years, should be something big for me, it should be good enough to prepare myself to enter my so-called adultery. i remember during my 21st birthday, how i told myself, the figure of 25 in my biological clock must represent something that sounds like a milestone, something big.
i'm gonna look things back, reflect back, as i'm leaving the 25th year of my life soon. and i'm still having few months left, to figure out how 25 years has been, and work things out, if necessary.
ok..welcome. bonjour 2006. again. and again. list of 2006 resolutions!

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