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2 entries per day? too good to be true eh? i wanted to put everything in my previous entry actually, but it'll make it look long. so why don't hv it in a separate entry, aye?
to leave the first quarter of a decade of my so called life, means i should have accomplished things that defined as milestones of my freshies year of adultery. quick thought, left me wondering that i haven't had achieved that much, but to look and fathom deeper, it has been more than that. we never know how things that been putting us in such momentum these days make us forget what we had, what we left in the past, and then we became clueless of what happen today for its real reason. human, we run and run and forget how much the present is linked to the past.
i recalled back the first serious talk that i had with ucop few months back at seri dinar, where one of the things that we looked at was the message of petronas national day's advert, which then i sort of had a glimpse how much it is related to what Steve Job mentioned in his speech, 'life is all about connecting the dots'. i believe the right thing to do now is to walk forward, but look back to connect the dots of your future. the past is not just a lesson, but it is the root where the present stands on.
the next quarter will start with chapter 26th which i will, by accurate biological clock calculation, hit within another 7 months and i need to make it right. make it right for sake life is too short to be pissed off, and for sake 26th means i am no longer deserve a 'little-boy' treatment.
i don't know how to put it in the best way here, but as the curtain of the year dow, and when i'm ready to step to the year after, i want to have the proud feeling that Mr.Sinatra had in one of his classic, My Way. It means a lot to me, as it is kind of a reflection of surviving the life as man. More or less, carrying the spirit of Rudyard Kipling mentioned in his masterpiece 'If '. How a man should be.How a man should stand on his own. I know, it's kind too vague to be measured, and too big to dream of, but we never now, a little dream for us might be a big dream for others.
i love to list down my kind of new year resolutions whenever the curtain of 31st December down, even it sounds too dramatic or lunatic and cliche, but it's kind of a good motivation for me, in making the days that passed in that years different, even not all been able to be achieved. here we go:
1) work life - stop complaining and worrying. start living. i get what i want, and i will use the chance given as good as it deserves. I'm coming PCSB!
2) Register for my Master in PE program.
3) Get a DSLR and kick-off my photography thing back. I'm thinking to re-do all the project thing, and start selling my picture via online stock which i have just registered. Get and establish another source of income. For the love of photography...
4) Buy and read more books.
5) To practice my 60:40 income management.
6) Keep writing.
7) Get things prioritise, how does it sound? i've been kind of un-prioritise buddy, i guess and forgot certain things need to be done first etc.
8) Not to forget celebrating/wishing the memorable days, be it birthday, marriage etc. of family's members, and good friends.
9) iBook or new lappie? for sake of photography and cyber enterpreneurship.
10) Losing weight, be more health concious, and built my eight-packs. hehe.
11) Start to commit into a serious relationship?
12) Breakaway. I'm thinking of somewhere overseas or locally peace and quiet.
ok. 12 is quite a number, and most of them are measurable. i'm thinking to put ' to inspire people for seeing and chasing their own potential and dream, what they could be' , but i feel like a superman if i were to say that. but i love to do that, even with words. i want to see people especially good people around to be what they can be.
what the heck...anyway. welcome chapter 26, and as i feel the best way to conclude the beginning, i will try to make this world a better place to live as i believe if you can dream, you can create the future, and if you can create the future, everybody can live in it. as the curtain to be fall, i want to feel proud of myself, for i have become a good servant of Allah. Insya-Allah.
listen to: My Way by Frank Sinatra
reading : IF by Rudyard Kipling

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