chapter 12 - part 5

something about readingi'm not sure since when i turned into this kind of freak. i mean to what we so called the book-worm. it's not quite a term for me as i read occasionally, but somehow, may be that's the way people see me. my addiction on reading, well albeit what's written in my life's path back when i was in school or the days before, started when i read my degree in Sheffield. Well, actually if my forced-to-do experience back when i was in A-level due to my lackness in English, is counted it'll make it earlier.
anyway, lets talk about the when the real habit of reading started. funny eh, to know how coincident my experience got to do with the thoughts of ' people in developed country loves reading. they read averywhere, in or while waiting the bus, blah..blah blah.' somehow, my early days started with my addiction of collecting the Match Magazines, or anything that was got to do with Liverpool and Owen. then it followed with all kind of photography magazines as my passion on it sparked by the time i bought my first SLR.

it was during summer of 2002, when i first started getting serious on reading novels. i'd been a regular visitor of this 'thick' book sections in WHS Smith or Blackwell as i loved to 'feel' the book covers and enjoying the presentation of the cover i.e. something that had to do with 'picture' aka 'photography' and been caught with the 'cuteness' of Tony Parson's 'Man and Boy' cover. Two pairs of shoes, different sizes, sort of perfectly represent the title of the book...and then i went futher down to read the quotes made on how good the book is. i remember then i discovered this book on Fahmi's book shelf and had it with me while i took the night train to Manchester to pick up my family who came for a visit by the end of that summer. so much for a start, i nearly finished the book while waiting the whole night plus when i knew the flight was delayed for almost 3-hours due to fuel problem and stopped somewhere in Dubai. And i got it completely read, as the trip came to end. I took the book almost everywhere and got it read whenever free.
So it began, and i started to buy and read books including the big-and-thick like hell Tolkien's Centenary Edition of Lord of The Rings, recommended by Intan ( and all because my addiction to this trilogy!) and more and more.I know it's kind of freak to have myself reading while waiting at the public places, but what the heck, forget what people think. On top of that, i feel cool for being different because of something 'good'. Hehehe. And after years 'building' and 'having' this kind of habit, i'm kind of having quite a collection of these thick books on my shelf, plus the photography magazines that i'd never miss to buy whenever i visit Kinokuniya or The Times.

i know it's not much, as all the books bought were only during my visit to Kino or Times, which happened kind of every quarter for the past 2-3 years. Oh..the Carnegie's collection was freely given while i attended the course somewhere in June this year. 3 books given as per-mandatory for the participant and i got an additional one for my performance in one of the module of the course. the collection is awesome and kind of inspiring, but i'm yet to have all of them read. But at least i made a start with the Scrapbook time passed, i started to know and understand more about myself on this habit. i mean i discovered what kind or type of reading materials that i love to read and keep reading, which somehow has been really helpful for me during having my 'shopping' in Kino or Times. hehe.
i love to read books or novels that can connect me personally to the subject. i know this kind of so 'feminine' fact, but i'm not so into this kind of 'love' or 'romance' story. i love to read the story that has got something to do in giving the meaningful lesson or guideline to my life, or may be sometimes that would give kind of reflection of what's normally happens in human life. Honestly, i am no into Grisham's, Seldon's or Rushie's kind of book, i love to find something that is honest, light but still able to enriching and i found myself got stuck to a number of writers like Parson, Pelzer, Mitch Albom and Karim Raslan.
Compared to last year, this year has been quite an active reading year for me as i bought and been reading quite a number of book. A quick thoughts on the books, shall we?
Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

I started to hook up to this small book, again, because of its cover. A very simple presentation with kind of powerful quotation. How does the three things mentioned on the cover which is ' an old man, a young man and life greatest lesson' couldn't make this book sounds so deep and big? and plus, the bestseller thing etc. i bought the book with the intention to discover the secret of its success in the States few years back, even it appeared in Oprah too. And i tell you, this is something. this is the book that i feel so connected and touched by it. Life's greatest lesson, it might sound overimpress. I'm not sure how good am i to review the book as it'll sound like the best book on earth of all time etc. but you can check out on the internet for it. Funny to admit, I even wrote Mitch a thank you email for that and i've been sharing this book among my best friends as i believe the good in it. This is a classic! I would say.

Simplicity By Edward DeBono
This is kind of 'deep' thinking book which discuss on a simple topic. I put it that way, as i believe us know who is DeBono and this such a guru. Brother Zam shared this book and i gave him Morrie, in return. I've been trying to finish the book, but till today, i'm halfway through it. The obvious reason is, i tend to start all over again reading, if i leave it for sometime before resume the reading, or when i am completely lost with it. Eheh...
Pelzer's Trilogy
Back somewhere in September, i guess, i spotted Pelzer's work on the shelf while wondering what to buy during my quick visit to Kinokuniya. Again, this time, photographs on the covers plus the bestseller thing and the Pulitzer nomination mentioned gained my attention. But i didn't bought them yet during the visit. I read quite a lot on the review of Pelzer's books and even about himself on the net, prior to buying the books. I bought them during my visit to Kinokuniya somewhere in Ramadhan. My Story is a compilation of three of his early books i.e. A Child Called 'It', The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave, and it was kind saviour for my tight budget during that time ( raya maaaa....). Hey...i saved almost half of the price compared if i buy the three of them separately. I also had his missing chapter of My Story which written later i.e. The Privilege of Youth, during the shopping. Ok...i'm gonna be exeggerate about his books. Perhaps, after the impact of Morrie had on me, Pelzers sort of something big in my life. The chemistry, connection and feeling i had as reading his journey is different. Even, i could have myself be in his shoes, feeling the pain of his dark days. I know his works aren't something that deserve the 'literature masterpiece' or something, but the lessons and values shared in the book are something big. I envy Pelzer's strength and spirit, and on how he able to survive and all of his genuine hardwork to make this world as a better place. I had my life sometimes feeling like in a dump, where i'm afraid and couldn't fight, but Pelzer's stories sort of enlightened my dull inner strength back. What he's been through is much more than what i had or am having, and i always told myself to fight back. I'm not sure to call his as classic, but i feel his journey could be a great life's lesson for everybody. I see and learn a lot through him!
The Family Way by Tony Parson
I am kind of big fan of his works, as i love his style of writing and the subject matter that he brings in his work - love, family, friends, life etc. and it all started with the beautiful 'Man and Boy'. I collected and read all of this previous work and love them so much, even i shared them with friends. I still remember it was the interlude chapter of 'Man and Boy' on the expression of Harry when his wifre delivered their baby, got me connected to Parson's works. It was such a beautiful thing, really. The Family Way, i bought somewhere in January this year, during my visit to The Times, after i completed my induction course in Permata. I eyed on the book since last year already, but i just wanted to wait for the paperback version, as it's kind of cheaper and handy, compared to the first released. As usual, Parson's books have this kind of sweet cover presentation, and this one a lovely pictures of girls enjoying the beach. Somehow, this book is kind of not into my taste, as i discovered upon completing the book. I don't get the same feeling i had as i read his previous works. May be, i'm kind of 'tired' for not having something new in his style of writing, or may be because this is the first time, i guess, Parson wrote from the women perspectives. All the main characters in this book are women. Still, it's not such a disappointment, but not his very finest. Ah...i just discovered he has new book on shelf, when i was in KLIA. Still the big one, and i'm waiting for the paperback one, to be bought.
the others

three books, two of them are new ones that i bought last weekend while one is the one that i couldn't have myself finish reading. take a guess?'s the Cold Mountain. i first bought with the intention like i had when i bought LOTR, to know more. in fact the reason i watched the movie is because it was Mighella work, and the book itself nominated for Pulitzer award. But as i read the book, it's just not up to my taste where you have to read this tiny fonts, and the way Frazier brings the subject, events, etc. kind of too detail which easily makes me lost after readin half a chapter. too much things may be. but still, i'll try to have it read later on. the middle one - Anyone Can Do It - something got to do with the world of entrepreneur, and it's kind of interesting reading as i flipped through it few times. this one will be on my shelf later, as the one that i bought now is for a present to Ucop. the last one, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, i bought in KLIA and will be my next material to be read after i finish my Privilege of Youth.
the year so far? well...i'm kind of not able to have the LOTR to be read again, even i put in my new year resolution to read it once a year. it's not kind of handy due to it's also a compilation of three books. Carnegies also waiting on the shelf, while i'm planning to get Karim Raslans, Parsons and may be to give a try on Narnia. Next year resolution? buy and read more books...till then

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