chapter 12 - part 2

funny eh? i just watched the clip that they made sort of 'sacarstic' tribute to Blair and Bush, during the conference in PWTC today and they had this 'Endless Love' of Lionel and Diana, as the song. hahaha. i wish someday i could have the chance to attend and witness such a big event. i want to be a part of good history!

The Emancipation Of Mimi- let's talk about her comeback!
since last few weeks i've been addicted to dig all the old and new records and live performances by Mariah Carey. On top of all, 'We Belong Together' definitely a huge success and comeback. It's her 16th #1 on billboard and she's now waiting for her 17th #1, if her latest single ( albeit the 'So Lonely' feat. Twista), 'Don't Forget About Us' making another move somewhere next week, as predicted by most. The song currently is greatest air play gainer and just been released for digital download, and rocketed a move from 11-7-2, for the past 3 weeks.

But still, We Belong Together, is something big in her career life as it broke many chart records and even been the most played song on earth for this year with more than 200 million audio impression. Plus her Emancipation Mimi grabs quite a number of major awards this year, and nods an impressive 8 nominations for this coming grammy including in the 3 major categories i.e. Record, Song and Album of the year. I think she deserves something! 6 categories should be...hehe...including best vocal for 'Mine Again' and 'We Belong Together' tracks, best contemporary R&B Album, best R&B song, song of the year and record of the year. i'm not sure TEOM, is strong enough to be the Album of the year, but it'll be a plus for her if to win!.

And please, i'm kind of tired to see this not so mainstream buddies conquered the night, just because they're kind of Rolling Stones or Critics buddies...and i wish it won't be like the disaster and embarassed 1996 grammy where she nods the same number of nomination but came back with nothing, even she had this evergreen 'One Sweet Day' that was also performed during the show.

Anyway, other than her huge comeback this year, also i discovered few of her tracks that been missing from my attention...i mean, i haven't really heard of them. Like 'I don't wanna cry, Can't Let Go, Anytime You Need A Friend' and my i'm-just-realized-one-of-the-best-ever-love-songs , this 'Endless Love' with the late Luther Vandross. Also, i'm kind of melted with her rendition with the new-talented John Legend on the 'With You I'm Born Again'. She's definitely the one and only.

Lovely! See more about her at! or search her at wikipedia.

the goodbye
i received e-mail from bro. fendy on Thursday. as his promised before on telling me, that day was the last day for him with PMO and he'll be flying to Oman on New Year. Kind of speechless, even i know i'm aware about the leave. I couldn't make the move before he leave, which mean i couldn't work with him as a team anymore.

he means a lot to me. kind of a big brother to me which sometimes been my 'guardian angel'. from my very first day in PMO, he's been the one who walked with me, whether up and down. he taught me a lot not just to be a better engineer, but also a better person. i know, i was rarely talk like buddy buddy to him as i hold much respect to him as a senior staff there, but he was like salt on earth. he reminds me a lot on the quote i got from the session with dr. sharkawi;

'treat a man as what he could be, and he will be what he could be'

to have him walked with me during my time in PMO, is like been given a wing where i see the destiny that i want to fly.

it's pretty flattering to read his last line of mail to me - I am wishing you all the best and I always believe that you have great potential to success in subsurface area - like he always do, he's been one of the people who believe in me.

I wish him all the best, and sure bro. we'll never be stranger and i'll keep in touch.
May Allah bless him and his family.

listen to : Endless Love by MC & Luther Vandross
reading : the privilege of youth
addiction : my nokia 7610 and dynax 5D

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