chapter 12 - part 1

so it's end of the year already. the last month. the finale.
chapter 12. it'll, more or less defines or summarise or conclude the story of the year.
wait a minute. i'm not gonna talk about the highlights of the year yet. it's still early, may be somewhere, some time after the christmas, where the 'happy new year' mood swings like hell, i'll kick my ass to talk and say something on that. eheh.
it's been quite a busy month for me, so far. from the very end november itself actually.

30 november 05.
i took early leave with the plan to go for Monsoon Cup in Pulau Duyong, actually. But then my camera was still in KL, just been repaired. I was kind of clueless if to go there alone without my gear, i mean i'd be just an typical spectators who knows nothing about the event. eheh. pardon me.
but then may be it's a good thing as nafis paid a visit to kerteh and arrive on the night of the day before. at least i got something to do. we went to hang out on the night before to this karipap stall that pudin introduced me. the next day, i had breakfast with him in residence prior to his visit to the plant, to see my boss. same old nafis, hell lot of laughter and fun as a friend.

1st december 05
my day started early as i need to send ain for her tuition class registration. for the last time, i met nafis again as he'd be leaving kerteh that morning. then back home to do this wedding VCD for adik ji as i'm gonna let my dad laptop back very soon. nothing much.

2nd december 05
my family went back to ktrg in the morning.went to Tandoori's Picnic at Ifa's house after friday prayer with ucop. then i moved to kuantan around 6 and arrive at Cha's house around 7.30pm. we then rushed to the bus station as he had this futsal match that night.
8.00pm, bought some drinks and batteries for my mp3 player, and then checked the ticket at the counter.

8.45pm, i was on the bus already for the long trip to perlis. the bus? well, luckily i took the vip coach and got this standalone seat. it ain't that comfy, but better than the standard coach. as usual, due to my 'phobia' with night travel via bus, i couldn't hv myself good sleep. but i was kind of impress as there was element of 'politeness' within the drivers as they didn't speed that much, or i'd end up like sleeping in a roller-coaster.

3rd december 05
the bus left me at kangar bus station at 7.00 am.
it was still early to check out at putra palace, so i sms tazli to pick me up. 30 mins later, he arrived with shira. a warm welcome by the family, even they're busy with the wedding ceremony, plus to send his brother to penang, for another wedding reception. eheh...busy body me!
i slept like hell after breakfast and woke up as tazli came and told that we're going for kenduri somewhere nearby. i was still sleepy and didn't hv much mood to talk etc. and asked tazli to fetch to putra palace. lovely, his parents insisted me to stay there, but i was a bit uncomfortable actually, with my sleepy head to stay.
that night, i went out for dinner with both shira and tazli, also with shira's big family. this is the first time i met the family personally, and they're really nice. shira's brothers were very kind and polite and i envy her for have such a 'happening' family like that. her dad was 'that' sporting making jokes with all his sons etc.
i didn't sleep early that night, as watched this funny 'cerekarama' and 'scooby doo' on this vision 4 channel, plus doing some stupid things etc.
oh..the room...i booked this superior room, which hell big and cost me 190 bucks.

4th december 05

as usual when i slept alone in a comfy hotel room, i woke up late, but still managed to catch the free breakfast. eheh...not that bad. even i thought i was the one who late, but apparently everybody was late. the cafe was busy with late comers like me.

i found a nice spot near the window and had my good time that morning, ate all the things that i wanted to.
then, i went back to the room, waiting for fahmi to pick me up somewhere around 12pm.

we arrived tazli's house around 12.30pm and the brides just arrived to this makan beradab. we were invited by shira's aunt to join the table. other hadn't arrived yet, by the time we finished our meal. as kind of clueless what to do, we then went to kangar looking for this pulut cendol
. kangar kind of dead during sunday, same like in east coast on friday as most of the shops closed and we managed to find this 'not-so-good-looking' stall to have our cendol. ain't no cendol pulut, but cendol biasa pun jadila.

after had zohor's prayer at masjid syed alwi, fahmi decided to get back home and i asked them to leave me at the bus station as i wanted to check my ticket. then i took a cab to tazli's house back.
as arrived there, zai, zamir, fahmi and few utp buddies already there and i sat at their table and join the chat. see what we had?
they didn't stay long as need to get back to UTP, so as tazli n shira busy entertaining the guests, i did my own stuff, waiting at the empty table while playing my 7610. then suddenly, this guy came to clean up the table accidentally hit my teh tarik glass and u see what happened to my new EastIndia pants !
tensen...and i had to change it. luckily it was a closed friend's house, if not? the last batch of guests came around 5pm and by that time, they started packing up already. not much left except this laksa penang. i had the chance to sit together with the both couples and took pictures etc. i moved to the bus station around 6pm with tazli's pak su who kindly drove me there as the family still got things to do.
the bus departed from kangar exactly on 6.45pm and it stopped for half an hour at Alor Star station and continued the journey around 8.30pm. ok...i was pissed off with the drivers...i mean, they drove like unqualified f1 driver and speeding all the way like hell. i barely could sleep that night. oh..again, they stopped at this big restaurant somewhere at Slim River, where all the buses there, got dirty toilet that need to be paid, lousy food etc. 

Darn! i thought we deserved the comfy PLUS R&R!
i arrived kuantan around 5.30pm and then pretending sleeping while waiting the sunrise. after had this half-cooked nasi lemak, i called cha to fetch me. 7.30, he arrived and then i drove him back to his house and continued driving to paka. i thought of having my cabuk for regular service but damn...i was kind of sleeping due to the tiring journey and just drove straight back to home. i arrived around 10am and after cleaned up myself, i had a long sleep. couldn't help myself from thinking...the next day, i got to back for work!

listen to: with you i'm born again - John Legend & Mariah Carey

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