we talk about life...part 1

my kind of Eid
It’s the night of 29th Ramadhan and as been announced, tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Eid. So much for a month of fasting, time really flies this time, I feel. My mouth ulcer is getting better, Alhamdulillah. That means Insya-Allah, I can enjoy all the raya meal this year, without any ‘pain’. Yes, pain. Hehe…everybody knows how does it feel when you get the spot/s in your mouth. And that was the reason I couldn’t enjoy much my ‘expensive’ iftar at Concorde last week. Nasib baik zam yg belanja.
This year Eid probably a kind of total makeover for me, as I spent a lot on my wardrobe and latest, I just bought myself a new mobile phone. It’s 7610, the black stylish model from the 7-series of Nokia, which I’ve been eyeing since its released. Now I realized that, my philosophy that a mobile phone should be a communication device rather than reflecting a lifestyle, sort of degraded, as the reason I chose 7610 is due to its look. I could have bought myself 6230i which I was interested at first place, but then this ‘handset daun’ caught my attention. It’s a reflection of modern-urban lifestyle, I would define 7610. It operates on this Symbian platform which makes it a feature-packed smart phone. Eheh…more or less like my dad 6600, but mine looks more appealing. Pardon me!

Anyway, I bet not only me, but most of us with active mobile account, be it anything, has been ‘bugging’ with this Eid-wish-via-sms activity, for the past few days. Probably today it peaks by today’s midnight. Last year, I believe due to heavy traffic, Maxis service was down during the Eid period, which rebounced almost all sms that I tried to sent to my friend. Oh…it’s kind of my habit to for the past few years, sending…well forwarding my Eid wish to all my good friends.

Somehow now I realized, it’s so cliché receiving all those messages which more or less ‘forwarded’ messages. I mean, I could receive the same pantun, or the same sentences, from different people. The big day wishes now is now sort of just wish, if I take things just for sake from the surface. Hey, you just forward things etc. without yourself read through the message completely. I know most the pantun etc. kind of jokes etc, which do cheer up the mood of Eid celebration, for some reason. But then, I myself did my own, and ‘forward’ it to all people I know that I could reach, as I believe, it’s my personal wishes to them. I think, I haven’t got my self keep forwarding my friends with all the messages, as I don’t feel it’s right. I value much Eid celebration as something personal. Something that reflect the joy of celebrating the end of Ramadhan, from the heart to heart. I got a good line this year, meminjam konotasi ‘kelatnya secangkir kopi, biar menapak ke menara’ from my good old-teacher’s poem.

‘Ramadhan berlalu, manisnya biar seusia hidup bertamu. Syawal ini, yang jauh didekatkan, yg dekat dieratkan’

I want the sweetness, lesson learnt and privilege that we had in Ramadhan to be remembered throughout the life and Syawal, is the day where all the bonds, the relationship been brought together, strengthen etc. as it means how much people around me has touched my life. At first, I had this kind of let things go mood actually, as I decided not to send any wish etc. I ‘m not so sure why I acted like that, but probably as I told myself, I feel like I’m the only one who really wants to keep the relationship alive. I don’t know how much I’ve touched the life of people around me. Well, quite a start, as I get bunch of ‘forwarded’ messages, but as I want let them know how much the wishes mean to me, I replied it personally. We remember people by their names, and that’s what I’ve been doing whenever replying the messages. But as usual, I don’t get much after that, I mean ‘feedback’.

I chose to back to my old style and sent the message above to all my friends, and somehow I feel funny whenever received all the the replies that reused the ‘forwarded’ messages. Come on? For sake, be real and I would appreciate those who replied with their own thumbs typing the keypad, even it was only ‘Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin’.

Darn! I’ve been asking too much, I guess. At least, they still have my number in their phonebook, and remember to send me the messages. Hehe…pardon me.

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