the so called 'tragedy'

wednesday, 12 oct 05
crazy! i told myself as i clicked the payment button, hence my visa been charged for 109 bucks for sake of the flight ticket. but at least bullah had already confirmed with me 3 times, that he'd pick me up for the iftar. ayah already book return ticket for another 176 bucks and also one nite stay at quality, for 155. so the show must goes on!...

had a buffet iftar at radius resort with friends. a good hang out for myself and we spent till 10pm there. the food just ok. nothing special, in fact quite limited. call from boss just before iftar as he wanted me to attend the peer review on the next

thursday, 13 oct 05
eheh. mas was suprise to see me not in the yellow nomex. well, i'm not a banana man today.
it was damned a long tiring day as had to attend this peer review on dehydrator from 9am till 4.30pm. erghhh.

friday, 14 oct 05
the flight was quite empty that morning. anyway, awal pagi lagi dah diduga, i mean to seeing all the hot stewardess in red suite. hehe. they really caught my attention. nasib baik aku tak lebih-lebih. batal posa.

i arrived KL around 9.30 and then went to the chocolate shop to buy the bucket peanut m&m, for nafis just in case i managed to meet him. i took a bus to chan sow lin station and then star to bandaraya. after checked in, as i didn't have the will to crash sogo for anything, i chose to sleep.

around 3pm, i went out and took the star to masjid jamek. while walking towards the putra station, suddenly this guy purposely blocked my way. heh..darn. Azli rupanya. lawak la mamat nih. chat punya chat, he was so good at hiding the fact that he had an accident yesterday and that caused his car in the workshop for months. no wonder he kept asking me wether i got any extra transport that he could borrow for the time being. but i feel sorry to hear about the accident.

well actually, more to worry as any car accident news that involved my people i know, is serious to me. i'm afraid of losing, may be.'s been so long. but i didn't have much time to shop around as it was almost 4pm and i was running like hell from Kinokuniya - The Times and the music shop as i had few things on my wishlist:

1) Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway
2) Pelzer's Trilogy and his' The Privilege of Youth
3) Practical Photography

and only Pelzer's available that day, that also after i spent nearly half an hour searching for the books. the cute lady of kinokuniya was sweet to help me, even she apologised as she still new and don't know much about the location of the books in the store. nemind...ehehh..jatuh cinta pulak.

i took putra around 4.30 and reached KL Sentral almost 5pm. it was peak hours and as i expected, the place was cramped with people. then i got call from my friend who supposed to pick me up at shah alam komuter station;

friend: ' ko kat mana ni?'
me : ' aku baru sampai KL Sentral ni. Nak beli tiket komuter. Eh..sampai batu 3 kan?'
friend:' haah...ko naik la. dalam 30 minit sampaila. aku tak dapat ambil ko lah ari ni. aku gi keje naik motor and nak pegi restoran tu awal sikit sebab nak booking.'
me: ' terkedu and diam'.
friend:' nantilah. aku mintak tolong kawan-kawan kita amik ko. nak amik teksi pun tempat tu jauh'.
me:' dalam hati...shucks!..what everlah'.

how would you feel? it was such irresponsible act, i guess. considering the 3 times confirmation i got from him and plust all my efforts, my money etc. just for sake of seeing them. i felt everything was not worthy by the time i got his call and i spent half an hour lingering around KL Sentral, just to decide to go or not for the iftar by myself.

i chose to go back to the hotel as what happened really hurt me, yeah...that was the feeling i had. i mean, i was damned tired and looking forward to the event, but then? me childish, but if that's the way of thinking, what on earth could be more worst.i bought 1901 hot dog meal and ate alone in the hotel room. sakit ati ajerr. then waiting for bro. zam reply my msg, just in case, or nafis to call etc. then my friend called me back and asking this and this. 'rugila...susah-susah ko datang. ko stay mana? kitaorg nak crash kat tempat ko..then kuar lepak ke'. TQ ajerlah, i was too tired that time. and then that nite, i did stupid thing.

Saturday, 15 oct 05
Back to Kuala Terengganu. and i started telling everybody about the tragedy. what on earth! may be i was trying to get people's attention eh? what ever.

listen to: Home by Mike Buble
reading : Pelzer's A Child Called 'It'.

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