once i promised myself to change. to move on. somehow i couldn't resist the fact that i'm still living in the past and i want to live it forever.

lipton's advert says 'good things grow'.
but not all could grow if it is beyond our control.
still, in memory it lives forever.

i had quite a busy week while september approaching its end as the boss finally able to get the management approval to continue his crazy project for our plant. seeking for my thought, i wouldn't agree to be involved in the project as it was like a shit in term of planning and execution. i know it was kind of a new experience to our department to handle such thing on our own and he was eager with it, but darn...all looked just a mess for me, in term of planning and execution part. i'd been put into this night shift for almost 8 days before he changed me to morning shift, so do few members of the team. some of them didn't even have any break after involve in other big project of the plant. hardly to breath eh? i pity them, but what can we do? it was his he always mentioned...this is my KPI..whatsoever.

i know nothing about the project technically, but he'd been bugging me for the past few weeks about the project with sms, even during my weekend etc. annoying...probably the right word for that kind of act. all throughout the project, as we expected, he couldn't be more all he wanted the project to be as smooth as he wants, with no excuse at all. imagine, his bad temper had caused a number of contractors been compromise. he lacks of human factor. i didn't learn much, honestly, except feeling tired and piss off. darn!

the only good thing i had during the project probably, i met a new friend. nafis, the marketing manager of one of our catalyst supplier. this dude is crazy head..and guess what, he's just 21 years old, if i've not mistaken.

i had quite a chat with ucop on the last friday before ramadhan, but again it was me who did more of the talking about myself. i should've stopped doing this, as i feel it's unfair to have friends who want to have good time, be my sort of therapist.

may be i really should think and do something about me!

listen: Don't Forget About Us - MC
reading : Cargnegie's handbook.

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