the days before

my lappie is gettin' crazy lately. something to do with the keypad, and also the system as it getting slower and my net-surfing activity always been disturbed with the browser max and min sequence. i have to hit certain keys and normally 'h' key to stop this kind of madness. as well i start getting this kind of weird screen display like i used to see on loth and mas lappie. may be it's kind of sign ' get a new one'. eheh...or may be it's getting jelous with me surfing on ibook specs and dell notebook, thus just playing fun with me. like car, they said it has sort of feeling. hehe...what a myth.

i've been in holiday and raya mood since last week. i had no motivation to do my work where most of the time i spent pretendin busy doin my report on the dehydrator project and as well the procedure for all packed vessels that i've to prepare too. my boss kind of annoying, as he is, while seeing me doing this office work, is like i'm free to be dumped with more and more work. i'm kind of piss off whenever heard he quoted 'u seem free right now...'. darn. bulan puasa pun nak cari pasal dgn aku eh?

anyway, my leave actually as not been totally approved. since i'm applyin to use my unrecorded leave, the final approval should be from HR. but as usual, the clerk did it again. my application that as been sent a week earlier been put in the tray with others, and waiting for the right time to be sent to the SM. damn it. i should've sent it by myself. luckily, my boss just nicely signed the approval section and i'm assuming, eveything ok. hehe..whatever happen i deserved the leave.

i tried to arrange iftar with my plsp buddies around kerteh, but didn't get good fedback as each already had own plan and preference. i miss them actually, to meet and talk etc. as it's been ages i aven't seen them even we are working at the same place etc. then i had last iftar together with PGB buddies at McD. all opted to each ala carte, even faiz who damned excited for the iftar arrived late. no long tchat etc. as everybody went back around 7.30 pm.

been to KL last weekend to to some shopping. it's been ages, i guess i haven't bought something significantly new to my wardrobe, and this time, it's kind of a makeover. hehe...gile punya shopping as i spent nearly 700 bucks for all the clothes, kasut etc. but sadly, i couldn't get my lovely D7 back as the shop is yet to finish repair it. it's been a month, and still i haven't har the good news. i almost bought finepix f10, or the nokia 7160 or motorola E1000....hehe as the shop quoted me quite a high price for dynax 5D. so this year, i'm gonna miss shooting the celebration with bulky camera. eheh...i miss the sound of the shutter actually.

other than the crazy shooping thingy, i had iftar with ika, zam, jai and wan from PDB on friday, for sure mine was on zam. hehe..TQ bro. i had good time that day, knowing jai and wan. Concorde's buffet was nice, but my mouth still had ulcer and i couldn't enjoy the food as much as zam did. uiyoo..makan ketam lagi tu. somehow, i feel good being among them, like knowing them long even i was a bit strange to get into their conversation. the next day, after a long tiring day of shopping at the mall and KLCC, zam took me for satay kajang. finally, i met his fiance. she's nice, but nothing much to talk as she rather let me and zam do the talking. i arrived home, my mobile suddenly buzzed and i saw mas number appeared on the screen. darn! must be somethin from office. as i'm in holiday mood, i care nothing about the call and let it be 6 miss call recorded on the screen. eheh...i'm really on holiday!

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