TsuMAWI - just a little thought on...

ok. i've to skip few things and have this thought on my blog, as i couldn't help myself from thinking all of his renditions performed during the AF3. repeat - his singing! his renditions! none about his others ...
i had enough i guess! they played his Mawi World Album during my cousin's reception wedding repeatedly from morning till almost all the guest went back. again, i had enough.
plenty of yuk, i would say, if people think he's so good at singing.
urghh!!!!! pitching lari, lupa lyric and in fact this guy sings just so flat...( no wonder Marsha could stay till final ). Pity for Idayu for being voted out.
i couldn't stop laughing as hardly tried to figure out that he was actually singing 'Pupus' which originally sung by Dewa.
his rendition on the rock song was annoying and pretentious, while the 'Beautiful Maria' ? Jahatnye la cikgu-cikgu diaorg kasi lagu org putih nih!. Saje nak malukan mawi!
'Beautiful Maria' is a classic, but please, Mawi sang just like .... mmm. Listen and listen again to his rendition 'marrrriaaa....' or ' parrrra...dise'...
I know this guy was qari, bilal and even cikgu agama before this, and credit should be given for his nasyid's rendition. but still...ehemmm.
if it was Roslan or Paul on the jury's desk, i couldn't imagine to hear the 'honest' comments from them.
wake up crowd! i read the an article in BiPop today, where Siti Hajar, the cikgu vokal, gives quite a good thought - dalam kes mawi, peminat memberi tanpa mengharapkan sesuatu pada mawi. they give the support without demand.
agree, and if i would interpret her thought in my way - sokong buta tuli lah tu....hehe.
may be this thought quite harsh for those fans out there, but it's the truth. urghhh..reality bites.
so lucky i'm not one of those who cramped my thumb sms-ing ...hehe.

p/s: who has Nita's 'Big Spender' VC?

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