MI2 & nita

nita definitely my favourite for MI2 and i wish she'll get to the finale.
to make it a fair finale, let another spot belongs to Farah. please malaysia.
i couldn't imagine if daniel to be in the finale.

at this stage, i would agree if people to say the finale won't be that impressive, judging from the finalists performances so far. i mean, up to the standard that jac and dina had nailed last year.
last year, i dare to say, the finale just made others talent shows especially bintang RTM looked like a Bintang Kecil competition, but not this year.
i still feel the prestige and aura of the event, but i'm just worried on the ability of the finalists to give such belting performance, even though i agree they are talented.

for nita, i could feel that she has gained much confident lately and she looks relax and comfortable with her performances. while for farah, sad to say, but thanks to the nice rendition of 'All by myself' last friday.

if nita to be in the final, her best performances to be picked up for the finale could be

1) Big Spender - probably the jury's choice
2) Love is a crime - she really rocks!
3) Berhenti Berharap - a belting performance that really test her vocal.
4) Hati Yang Terluka - i don't know, but may be i love this song.
5) Snow on the sahara
6) Hands in the pocket

i hope she'll be in the final and rock the night!

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