cuti-cuti...part 2

ok. at first, koko booked me for her wedding. but then i had a thought on few issues, such as travelling, lodging and also ishak's perception on me being the photographer for their wedding. i mean, would he be comfortable if i was lingering around taking pictures especially close up of his wife, on his very special day?. it's just that, i don't want to as i know from koko that we cannot be bestfriend anymore as she doesn't feel comfortable and ishak too. even kamal, her best friend since college days has to face the same thing i do right now.
talking this profesionally, for me, wedding photography and videography, such a big task and as the man who need to capture those special moments, i want to give the best. but i cannot if i don't feel comfortable and having this kind of thoughts. the chemistry will be cracked there. just my thoughts and reasons why i reject her offer at first place.
but then my uncle asked me to take picture for my cousin's wedding. so now, i have an excuse to let go the first offer. my family are quite closed to my uncle and aunt, but not my cousin, actually. he used to be closed to me as the age different is only 1 year and we were good childhood buddy, but since i moved to SEMSAS, and so on, i rarely met him. so again, i'm facing the same issue - lack of chemistry with the brides, but what the heck, just snap it! that what i did.
it was raining, before the rombongan start to make a move to the rumah pengantin perempuan, but luckily it stopped as about time. 11 trays from the bride, satu persalinan lengkap. hehe...quite worried actually as the day was quite gloomy, so i spent my 400 one in the camera.
i was stucked with the handycam and slr, but thank God as diana had her own photographer, who was sort of ligat giler amik gambar. 1 roll for that day, and almost 20 minutes video shot. one thing for sure, i realized that i really need 5600HS, as the room, the house...lacked of light and my pop up couldn't cater much.
the next day, we arrived at the house around 1pm as been told to do so. but it turned out the kompang team was on the way and you knowlah kalau sini, on the way tu...maunya sejam. it was hot afternoon and finally we decided to make a move without kompang, but with Selawat only. 1 roll for that day, and i used 200 one. it wasn't that enjoyable, as i feel a bit of barrier, to get close to them. anyway, the deejay couldn't be more annoying. too loud. hehe...sorry diana.
we make a move back to paka, after asar and reached home around 12.30. giler penat.
next day, got a call from my boss asking me, where am i as he doesn't have my leave on record for that day. darn!...antar ajer email and explain to him. phew..he was ok with my explaination.
task then continued for the reception which held a week later in kemaman...till then.

p/s:MI2 - nita is back!
listen to - Sinatra's 'My Way' n 'The Way You Look Tonight'

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