something to be

Today's ForecastYou're known for your special concern about family and friends, and today's no exception. Well, there is one little difference. Right now, you've got some pretty crazy ideas about how to make them happy. Go for it!

The Bottom LineYou need a to-do list, a pen and the willingness to get it all done. Not a problem!

In DetailYou'll find yourself interested in what makes you tick, where you come from and how on earth you're able to pick up pencils with your toes. Sounds like now would be a good time to shake the family tree for some interesting anecdotes about your nearest and dearest. Not only will you learn tons of stories and tidbits about relatives both near and far, it'll give you much to think about regarding your past -- and your future.

no harm to read. it's dolphin free, anyway.

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