not me who's talking

i got myself a bit emotional today as telling faiz and avinash the reason i'm so pissed off with my HR manager. nash even notice the change and told me ' don't be too sad'.
it hurts.
yes it hurts.
hurts like hell.
whenever i think back all my shattered dream and hope, i tend to get myself up to this moody stage. i have the feeling that i'll never trust the words of the big people in my company. they are my greatest enemies. they are not listening and won't ever, i guess.
it's been a month. they threw me to this no-life thing before i even had the chance to have a fresh start with my career, that i promise to myself after the Dale Carnegie's training.
now i see, the decision is for them to make, even they claim you have the room to say things.
say something? yes to the deaf bitch council. they heard but they don't even bother to listen.
selfish should i label them?
they make myself as terrorist to the company. they ruin and screw up my plan, they will see the result for being dictating. i wish no happiness for them.
Watching - MI Season 2 :Trish and Atilia been voted out! What a suprise! I feel sorry for both esp. Atilia. She reminds me the 'energy' that jac had in each of her performances last year. Wake up Malaysia!
Listen to - Stole by Kelly Rowland

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