uhu...finally i had the taste of 'kena bambu' with my new boss. fortunately in a nice way. he vaguely gave the anology of how my action should be and the PPA thing.

it's been quite a day actually. while my pc hasn't been fixed by iPerintis, i received number of tasks from him, and mostly on this rejuvenation project which i'm still blurred as charles handover ain't that complete and helpful to get me into the flow and momentum of the project.

my boss just kept forwarding the mail from the team to me. most of tasks are more on coordinating things where i have to get people from the project to know the update, maintenance people to fix this and this, as well from warehouse and procurement etc.

people say that he's a good mentor where his method will push you to the best and become a quick learner, but i'm more concern that the only reason makes me do this just because i don't want to face his dark side which people tend to talk about. well u should know that he is a kind of very loud person, with excessive amount of sanguine where you could easily hear the f-word comes out from his mouth. young heart and energetic sometimes looks over.

well. he's my boss and i have to face it. come what may eh?

listen to - from aretha's 'i will survive' to whitney's 'my love is your love'
reading - practical photography june edition

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