begitu sempitnya waktu

Today's ForecastThere's a time for caution and a time to move forward, full speed ahead. Now is definitely the time to hit the gas -- you've got a narrow window of opportunity, but you really need to push in order to make it there.
back to my old habit ? na ah. just browsing my friendster profile actually and found today's quote quite interesting. i'm a free bunny today as PTS officially released us from the TA. it's the end for such a no-life period. McD with Faiz, Azli and Farah to celebrate. He he he. Anyway,TQ faiz for the lunch. Next time blanje aku lagi ye.
it's a quote from Dian's 'Ungu Violet' that to be screened starting today, which i chose to be my title for today.
'begitu sempitnya waktu, begitu besarnya cinta'

can't hardly wait to watch it soon. it's been ages i guess my southern battery limit is stucked at kerteh McD and i think the last movie i watched in cinema was 'Madagascar'. that one with abok while we were in Kuantan for our OJT. jiwang eh? well...the endless promo and reviews i read just caught my attention. Dian is in the movie and Riszky role as Lando, the 'photographer'. both good enough to cause me poorer by another 10 bucks for the movie ticket.
hehe...enough bout the movie.

begitu sempitnya waktu

this part caught my attention. it's just something that we don't even bother to realize as we tend to stick to the fact that ' time flies fast' idea. mmm... it's the 4th dimension by scientific or whatever 'genius' interpretation, but Rako Prijanto reminds me back that the time has its own space. just think it this way - how many things you could to within 24 hrs? when too many things that important in your life and need attention been cramped in to a 'space' of time?

listen to - Mencari sebuah jawaban by Padi ( OST - Ungu Violet )
to do - YPC Presentation Slide.
others - still shock with Atilia's elimination.

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