too many hopes and lies

it's monday and i'm siting in front of my laptop in my room.
decided to take a leave this early morning as i feel no motivation at all to work.
thing's been out of control lately and affect my inner very much.'s again particularly about my job which i love to hate it.
i don't know why but i had a moment to declare myself as a terrorist to the company.
i don't know.
too much hopes and lies.
meaning each cancelled out others and what's left is nothing.
i don't know.
walking away may be a good solution. temporarily or permanently. either or.
but if that's available as an option.
yes it is. but it's an option that comes with conditions.
have you ever played a game where the rules and conditions been set up only by your opponent? to be more specific - in favour of your opponent?
too many hopes and lies.
till then.

Reading - Edward De Bono's Simplicity given by Bro. Zam
Listening - Walking Away by Craig David

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