‘Guilty feet had no rhythm to dance’

I love to hear Syima’s rendition of Careless Whisper performed during top 33 of the first season Malaysian Idol. She was unfortunate as the effort was not good enough from both juries and voters perspective. And I’ve been waiting her to re-try again this year, but as far as the audition stage completed, no news.

The Elimination Theatre will be on this coming Friday and the repeat is on Sunday, I’m thinking of a leave actually.

Anyway, it’s 10 minutes passed 11 and I’m blogging from my workspace as I have nothing much to do at the moment. Quite sleepy and tired, I suspect for not having enough sleep, may be. What did I do? Nothing much except my daily routine watching TV with family (we had this Sembilu last nite!) and surfing the net.

I have IL-DIVO in my laptop now and I dare to say this group of classical genre guys is fantastic. May be I should get their full album. The Regresa A Mi just sounds beautiful and hell brilliant. I love the VC too; it was like watching a period movie. The camera works are fantastic, especially when revealing the emotion of the characters.

I’m still waiting the feedback and update from my HR regarding my employment status.

Honestly, I’m tired of waiting and dealing with people, which I like to categorize as ‘ignorant’. It’s just from my personal perspective. It’s hard and a terrible experience to live among these people.

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