flashes of inspiration

Today's ForecastHad a tough few days? At last, some excellent energy comes your way direct from the stars. Flashes of inspiration could come so fast and furious, it's like your own personal paparazzi.

Now i'm addicted to this friendster's horoscope thingy as it just sounds so true.
Well i won't take it as i 'believe' it.
It's more like a 'coincidence' with what i've been through.

It is the inspiration to have a 'last' try on the appeal.
The task would sound like 'To write a love letter to DOM'.
May Allah help me.

Ok. I missed Malaysian Idol today and i barely want to talk about AF3.
I have dates with Mentor and Tru Calling tonight. Hope Dewi will win this time!

Listening - Careless Whisper & Regresa A Mi
Reading - Simplicity by Edward De Bono

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