broken wings

probably this is one of the days where i love to quote, i lost part of me.
my hopes are breaking into pieces and all my dreams are fading away.
as what harris quoted in his sms to me today ' unbelievable painful, as thing looks already in our grasp, suddenly it's been taken away in front of our eyes'
but still the last part of the sms 'but we do not come this far just to break and lose...'
it's been quite a journey for me, fighting this thing for 2nd time, and again i'm lost.
been too close for a victory, but luck is just not with me. still, i'm questioning on the logic of the what happened. what should i do now? my wings are broken now...where my soul been taken away. i need hope and dream to engineer my wish, but i have none of them now, as i feel it.
will i able to open and begin a new chapter for myself as if no hope left for me on this?
will i just let the flow take and manipulate me?
will i remain as myself today?
will i?

broken wings...where or what else i could do with no such hopes left for me?
i wish i could turn back the time

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