another day

Today's ForecastYou're thinking about the grand scheme of things, and your interpersonal skills are excellent now. Leave the finer points to someone else to finesse -- you're better suited to a larger role.
not sure the statement is right or not. hehe..finally something that i couldn't relate to myself.
it's been quite a day.
meeting as early as 9.30 am and finished at 1.oopm on the dot. then i had this GPTA session from 2.30pm till 4.00pm. i thought i could have the love letter done today.
anyway starting from tomorrow i'll be attending this 'Breakthrough to success' program. even it'll be held in our own training building but it's a good escape for me.
as i have not much thing to do in the office. my colleagues not so sure for handing over the jobs to me as my position there has been deleted by the good 'HR & Management' people. still while my appeal is still going on (from my side) i'm yet to hear anything 'real' from my management on my movement. they said i'm going to join the operation after this but still don't know when.
as fortunate to have internet access i don't want to be so obvious not doing anything then browsing and blogging from my workspace . while pretending doing something sometimes just feel so unreal and plastic (even i'm happy actually to makan gaji buta!). so an escape from my office would be a good solution...i mean temporary solution.
Watching - Smallville Season 4 - Chloe still alive and Lana is back to Smallville!
Addiction - New MyVi & Savvy

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