mm...managed to get my dad laptop connected to internet using my previous prepaid account.
here i am.
my laptop still in the shop and no news heard from the intelligent people there about it. just hoping everything will be fine as i'm not so comfortable messing my dad's company's laptop. yeah i's all about ethics bla bla bla.
i've been away since sunday for this one month on job training which started with our division in KL.
that was my first time driving my cabuk to the so called KL, which at first i wasn't that confident as i'm bit phobia with the traffic jam. Somehow, i managed to get myself arrived at the suitestay, jalan ampang that night, safely, plus one occasion of lost where i accidentally took the junction to wangsa maju. zafran wasn't so familiar with the road too, thus both of us relied on the map sketch by my dad.
and my cabuk slept well at the carpark of the hotel for few days...hehehe.
i wasn't and am not that enthusiatic about the program actually. it was more like a breakaway from the boring planning job for me, rather than an exposure to the company business. hehe..sure as i took this for granted to meeting friends etc. and have myself browsing the books at Kinokuniya and The Times, as well been to Sg. Wang for minolta stuff's hunting.
somehow, my schedule was quite packed when i was in KL. i mean, my free time. lunch with friends, tea-break after work with friends, dinner with friends etc. and now i'm wondering, i have so many friends there and i had to put things in proper schedule in order to have myself able to meet them. hehehe
eventually, mouse was also around, for job interview and met him too while meeting reza and kerol for dinner. this dude is funny and talk endlessly.
mm...imran now found his new soul-mate i guess, a girl from the same department he's working right now and i hope that'll last. i mean, he's been through a lot of not so good things on this love-life thing.
anyway, i had good time as able to spend much time with my big brother zam during my stay in KL. it was good, i mean to have a friend who you can share things and talk the same language. sure i'll remember his quote on 'our company is like the Taming Sari for the nation, if we weren't the one who hold and keep it safe, whoelse?'. He is such an inspiring person and reminds me my good brother mahadhir which now away in Edinburgh for work.
From KL, moved to Segamat, the 'cowboy' town as told by brother zam. it wasn't that bad, but still this 3-days weekend makes me 'mati kutu' thinking what to do. He he..that's why i'm back to kerteh with zafran. zam gave me Edward DeBono's Simplicity to be read, while i bought and shared with him the remarkable Tuesdays with Morrie, as well i have Tony Parson's latest 'The Family Way'. I guess my 'Cold Mountain' will be on shelf back, while i finishing these 2 books.
Till then.

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