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End of april. so it'll be another un-productive month for me. Been busy lately, with quite a number of unrelated-to-my-job things. After a number of trials now i'm in the final stage of producing my first ever wedding SVCD and this one would be my good cousin's wedding took place last February/March.
2nd part of the SVCD is in rendering process after quite a final touch before maghrib today and hopefully by tomorrow, i can pack things up.

I mean clean-up my dad company's laptop from all the mess i've made, as well my room etc. I've been spending too much time on this thingy and even had this back-ache which caused my one day MC. Eventhough, this is something new and enjoyable thing to do, i just realize that photography is still my preference. I love to do the video editing etc. but somehow i caught myself enjoying doing the pictures-cum-slide presentation with background songs, which are parts of the SVCD i'm working on.

I'm in the process of appealing to be transferred back to PMO actually. Been working on this since early April and this case really influence my emotion and attention to my daily work. I couldn't concentrate much as i feel like to pray each seconds and hoping for the luck would be with me. Still i'm waiting for a feedback from DOM. Oh...below is the letter i wrote to him regarding my appeal.

Dear sir,

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation on your concern and on my appeal to be re-transferred to PCSB, particularly PMO. I seek for an apology if it is unethical to have my interest heard by you through a good friend’s sms, bypassing the formal route i.e. through HR etc.

As has been informed to you, I would like to appeal for re-transferred to my previous department which was PTS1, Technical Services Department, Peninsular Malaysia Operation (PMO), PCSB for the Production Technologist post. For your information, currently, I am a seeding executive at Production Planning Department, Plant Operation Division, Petronas Gas Berhad since January 2005.

I am a graduate of Chemical Process Engineering from University of Sheffield. Before I joined PGB on January 2005, I have gone through an 8-month intensive on-job-training with PMO before pursuing my contract employment effectively on 1st November 2004 there. Throughout the training and employment period, I have been exposed and given a responsibility as surveillance engineer/ production technologist for MASA and PNL fields at PMO. I've attended numerous trainings and been taught the essential skills, knowledge etc. which I believe have helped to equip myself to do the job.

I had been assigned as the Production Technologist of Penara North Lukut, the 11-month old field of PMO since its first oil. I have been effectively communicated with project team, CTE and even field partner, Newfield in numerous occasions – PDR completion, updating reserves, production enhancement, RMP, etc. Therefore, I believe I have gained trust from my department, asset, offshore and even partner on this matter, which make me have this strong sense of belonging and passion on the job as Production Technologist. In addition to that, I also had been assigned to look after MASA fields too, to cover up a staff who attached to PCSB HQ for 6 months.

As well, I understand Petronas and PCSB particularly require more people in SKG-10 and I believe with the capability and skills that I’ve learnt and built, plus my strong interest and enthusiasm in the E&P area, I could make a significant contribution to the company if I could joined the back PCSB.

For your information, PMO HR has tried to absorb me as permanent staff back in November/December 2004 as soon as they knew my structured interview result. However, due to no vacant box available in PTS1, the request has been denied by HR Holding, as my name was been ‘double-parked’ i.e. the request box already filled in. In addition, I was informed by HR Holding, PGB has requested to absorb me first.

I tried to appeal to SM of Recruitment who handling this staff allocation and mentioned to her on my interest as well as my experience, but it was not turn out well. I’d been advised to accept the offer as they stressed the process will be lengthy and if I rejected the offer I have to wait longer before they could offer me a permanent post within Petronas. Moreover, they also stressed there would be no guarantee on offering the permanent post in the future too. Being an oversea graduate with RM500k in debt if not able to secure a permanent post within Petronas, and considering this is my second chance after failed the first structured interview before, I was left with no choice. That was the reason I chose to join PGB now, as I had to and it is not exactly because I don’t want to work at PMO anymore.
Last 2 weeks, I’ve been informed by Hanim on the availability of the vacant box in PMO and she’s willing to help me on reserving the slot if I go for an appeal case. I took this initiative as it is a golden opportunity for me to contribute on something where I have a strong interest. I had a discussion with my HR Manager to convince him on my interest, as been advised by Hanim who also contacted him to highlight this matter to him at first. Apparently, it does not turn out quite well as I’m not able to convince him to see this matter not only as my personal interest, but also as for the company as the whole, who need more people in this E&P area, particularly for SKG-10.

From my previous experience on this appeal case back in November, I strongly believe on the need for me to have people from higher level to walk beside me and help me to convince them. I lost during my last appeal, as I was riding a different bike at different speed, even though we were in the same direction. My voice only represents the big heart of a new-seeding staff which is relatively small, thus I seek for your kindness and help on this matter, to convince them etc. Pardon me by pointing this matter up, I don’t mean to say PMO did not fight for me, but it was just the matter of giving the clear picture of what had happened before, and what I feel I need to do, from my point of view.

I value my experience in PMO as it has guided me to know and understand my interest and capability. As a Chemical Engineering graduate, working as petroleum engineer/production technologist was quite a challenge, at first. However, my enthusiasm to learn with good support and encouraging work environment within PTS1 for the past 10 months, has helped me to overcome the hurdles and get myself fit in this area. I would feel it is a waste if I can not pursue this learning and skills implementation process in the E&P area, particularly as a production technologist. It is different being a fresh graduate and a 1 year experience graduate, as the experience has made me understood more on my interest and capability. I could see the wider opportunity in E&P area as it is expanding and each day is offering something new for me to be learnt, shared and contributed.

I can not promise the stars for the company or to you if it is the prerequisite to promise it now, but I can share you my big dream, my plan to try climbing the TPCP ladder and I wish and willing to work hard on that. Feeling myself as a technical guy, I wish within 10 years, at least I could be the Staff Engineer, serving the company and nation, particularly in E&P area.

Sir, to have your time and concern to hearing this matter is a blessed and I seek for your help if it is possible. Please advice if I missed anything, or if I need to provide you more info, explanation etc. If you require review regarding my performance or anything back when I was in PMO, I believe people in PTS1 such as Haji A Hamid, Dulang surveillance team, Kasim Selamat, Harris, Affendy Kamal etc. even Hanim as PMO HR reps., might be able to help, to convince or even to comments etc.
Thank you very much again for your time to read this lengthy e-mail, and sure, for your concern and willingness to help on this matter.
and as for now...i'm still waiting for a miracle for my dream to be true.

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