finale of season 3

I’ve been a big fan of smallville since I was a student in UK. Even though, i only started to concentrate on the show as the 2nd season was about to be viewed on E4, it have to admit on the seduction it has. was all started with the continuous adverts on E4 about the premiere of the 2nd season and I realized what the heck! I missed the first season of a big show just like that. Luckily as we subscribe this 1mbps telewest broadband, the complete set of season one successfully downloaded. If it was not end of summer, probably during winter break when I had this madness watching the series. Anyway, most of my free time been spent as I was chasing the time to complete it before the premier and I managed.
Somehow, I felt the weekly show in E4 was a bit slow while in the States they had screened almost half of the seasons. So I downloaded them all!
I first thought there would be no 3rd season, as I questioned, how long Clark would be in the high school? But the finale of 2nd season, which I was first concluded as ‘what the heck?’, ended with clear sign of there will be 3rd season, which I wasn’t aware when to be. I thought that was it, as my attention then moved to Dawson’s Creek. I heard news and rumors on the premiere of season 6, which they claimed as the finale season. Well I was a bit skeptical, as ‘Friends’ also claimed those were their final seasons etc, but ended up with season 9 or 10 if I’ve not mistaken (well..I’m big fan but not so die-hard with ‘Friends’ so pardon me!).
Back here in Malaysia, the first season just been screened and then followed by season 2. Fair enough, as there would be no season 3, I guess. The adverts then screened in the middle of last year and sure, I was damned excited and surprised. Surprised as I wasn’t even aware of the existence of season 3 even though I claimed myself as a big fan. Anyway, the workload and job commitment won’t let me to give 100% attention on the show, which I only watched by chance.
Anyway, last Sunday was the finale of season 3 and again it left me with a vague sign of ‘ there will be season 4’ and then wondering ‘ how it’s gonna be?

Is Lionel the real villain here?
Won’t we see Lex anymore, as he was potrayed dying due to the poisonous wine he drank?
What happened to Martha and Jonathan?
And Chloe?
And Lana?

And sure…Clark? Will he be re-born as what Jor-El said?

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