January...the story so fart (part 5)

‘My honeymoon is about to over’. That was the thought that I had as I left the dining hall. People still busy enjoying the last night with chatting, taking pictures and even a large group went out for teh-tarik somewhere nearby. Tired and sleepy, as I don’t normally sleep late, at the same time tried to get a friend for a chat, as I wanted to talk and share few thoughts.

The next day, everybody started to leave after the breakfast as handling the evaluation form and collecting the Janda Baik VCD. My check-in time in Concorde scheduled for after 1 p.m., so I stayed in Permata till lunch. That ended my good time in Permata. Few of us stayed, as they had to attend another course on the next day while few had to report on the next day in KLCC. Oh…the Bintulu’s buddies also stayed as their flight scheduled on Monday.

Somehow, I didn’t manage to say good bye to a good friend. Pity me.

I felt and feel different as I left the place.

I still remember on my very first day of the program, as I was still recovering from my bad experience with PMO. I had this sort of ‘revenge’ and ‘piss off’ mood with the company. No mood at all, even I told myself the need for me to moving on from the past. And things did change throughout the program. Something new embarked in me. Where I feel honored to be a part of the company. Heh...so much for an effective brainwash?

I think what the company did was adopting what Nike been doing. In order to create the sense of belonging and honourship to the company, we need to understand the company’s history. I read a case study in the Brand Essence site few days ago on how Nike developed the strength of their brand. It’s all started with the people in it, the employee.

The e-Learning sessions delved more information for me and I started to appreciate what had the company been through for past 30 years. The corporate video probably the key on all of this as I feel proud how the company contributes to the nation, as well as to the world.

It reminds me on what our Tan Sri Presiden once said; it’s not money the driving factor, if you want to work with the company. It’s your willingness to contribute to the nation. I had and have that in myself, and I wish I could keep it safe with me.

Meeting new friends there was a good experience as I discovered the enthusiastic and energetic group of people there, who some I could fit in, while some I just watched from far. Overall, they are lovely and I could feel the effort of us to keep the bond we built, lasting. It’s what we call friendship. They are my good new friends and I met my big brother, which I admit I admire quite much. Articulate and inspiring, I love talking to him as I feel like we are in the same wavelength (referring to Fazrul’s Vibration Theory) and somehow he reminds me few good people that I met in my life.

I still miss my PLSP2 friends and they’re still my best friends. Throughout the program, I felt reserved to open up with them, compared to my PLSP2 buddies. May be because we, (me and the PLPSians) spent much more time together and may be because we shared the same path in our life. We’ve been through a lot of things, high and low together; losing friend, success, the HR thing, etc. Even we’ve been labeled as fortunate graduates, but I’m proud being PLSP2.
Pernah kita jatuh, mencuba berdiri
Menahan sakit dan menangis
Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu
Dan kita mencuba melawan

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