January...the story so far (part 4)

Grilled prawn or an overcooked Kenny Rogers? That was what I felt after the 4-days Janda Baik program. The sunburn was so obvious as I turned red and even hibernated for few hours in the room with air-cond turned on, I could still feel the heat. That Friday evening was all about relaxing and cooling down, plus a little bit of karaoke. Eheh.

Saturday – we had this visit to the PeTT sky bridge as well as to the Petrosains. The visit ended around lunch time and we had time for ourselves. Four of us went to watch the movie and been ‘fockerised’ by the sequel of ‘Meet The Parents’. The film, ‘Meet The Fockers’ was hilarious funny. Non-stop laughed almost got my tears, he he he. This one is almost as funny as my all-time favorite ‘Goldmember’.

Next few days left, including Sunday we had a number of e-Learning sessions, classes on the company corporate things, as well as tests. Some of the were boring and dull, but I’ve to admit that the objectives of the program met, for my case and basically I got closer and understand to the company – tell me – vision, missions, brand essence what so ever. It just made me more eager and enthusiastic to contribute to the company. Sort of brainwash? Well you might say so.

Anyway at the same time the committee for the networking dinner night was chosen and they started to prepare things for the event. But may be due to some unknown reasons or to make it a ‘surprise’ and ‘special’, no such meetings or briefing been made to the crowd. I was a bit uncomfortable with what happened actually as heard from back the voices of questioning ‘Who’s do nothing? I wasn’t and am not taking what happened too hard or serious, but at least let other half know so they won’t look like a proper Charlie as got nothing to contribute for the night. Anyway, somehow, the process towards the night went well even we had this ‘I’m the rule’ guy that made noise in the committee meeting especially on the performance. A friend of mine, a Chinese dude told me how he felt offended with what happened. I don’t want to comment more but enough dude, I also felt the same way on my first time talking to him.

Towards the event, everything went well. I mean the training, preparation etc. Everybody was so excited and looking forward for it. I managed to join this ‘Pelikat Dance’ group for that night performance. It was not a dance actually; it was more like an art performance on the company’s shared values, as been described by Adina to the crowd after our performance.

The night came and surprisingly, only few of the facilitators came to the dinner. Surprisingly, as considering the amount of effort showed to make the event as grand as possible. It started with the kompang thing, welcoming the VIPs, followed by the company song featuring music from our live-band, the 4-course-meal formal dinner etc. etc.

Anyway, it was spectacular night, I guess. I believe the team had moved away from the typical closing night for program with own style. Before this I just heard they had each group performed, either sketch or whatever, but the team made it different this time. Even it was admitted by our guests of honor that night.

Talk about performance.
1) Live Band – 2 thumbs up for you guys (Fie, Hafis, Pyus and Cyed). The company’s song was cool and you guys were awesome.
2) Pelikat Dance – errr…what’s your comment? I was in the play. Zam said it was good…so others?
3) Stomping – Che Mad and Fizen rock the stage! Oh…the make-up, was it L’Oreal or Felisa? He he he. Tipah was so bossy.
4) Amir a.k.a Babyface – no Desree this time, but the ‘Fire’ heated up the night. Kudos!
5) Zapin – lovely and beautiful. I like the moves and choice of songs. Fantastic effort to bring something different to the night. He he he…my jawa brother was also in the team.
6) Group Vocals Performance – well…Malam wasn’t a good choice as you guys sort of not fit for acapella thing, but ‘I’ll Follow Him’ and ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ renditions were good.

Our En.Malik and his colleague arrived a bit late that night, but we caught him to spice up the night with Ika by performing ‘Sandarkan Pada Kenangan’.

I had fun that night, except for not being an active happy snapper. I wish I could spend more time with my camera, capturing the moment of the night.

And it was our last night there. I left the hall to my room, wondering, my honeymoon is almost over?

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