January...the story so far ( part 3 )

I wasn’t and am not a good leader I guess. I’m easily having this inferiority complex thing whenever I have to be in a group of dominant people, thus I can’t project myself well as a leader. In fact, I have this data-blockage trait which normally prevents me from received info from many at once. So I’m not good when it comes to open discussion then. Both are my traits that I identified from a number of personality tests that I’ve gone through.

Anyway, life can be really funny. It could flip 180 in a matter of times. Imagine on my very first day reporting myself to my ‘new’ department, I’ve been informed that my name has been booked in the Production Planning Department for a seeding post. How bizarre eh? From a place where I supposed to have a box, then suddenly ordered to go for a seeding box, in a department which I don’t have a good feeling to join. People said I should give a try before judging it barely. Big W then for ‘Whatever!’ I’m damned piss off as I feel like everything about my career now is on other people hand to decide. Fair enough for the function of HR thingy. I feel like there is a big conspiracy behind all of these shitty things.

On my very first day too, I met the manager who interviewed me and suddenly the thought of ‘ I booked this guy’ came across my mind as I remember that he said I should be work with plant operation if I want to practice my engineering skills more. While the lady-manager said I should join OGP etc. Back when I was fighting to be reallocated to my previous department, the HRM people mentioned that they ‘sell’ my resume around and PGB wants me. Good enough as I did stress that I wanted to involve with technical things to both of my interviewer, and I believe my resume clearly stated my interest and experience, well including the 2-months training in INSTEP. So what’s the deal? When it comes to the OPU itself, didn’t they aware on this? Didn’t they take into account all the things above? Oh…I know, HR knows me better than I do.

Well enough about my current ‘job’. Back to the induction program. The next day in Janda Baik, we had this aerobic session with En.Malik. He he…been heard quite a story about him from En. Ayub, but I don’t think we should make fun for people like him all the time. It’s not he’s wearing lady costumes and try to flirt with you then. But the session was fun and I was sweating and out of breath. 40 minutes on move and that was the time I realized aerobic is not as what I thought. Malik’s aerobic with his choice of music/songs was entertaining. Well, we had this Lets Get Loud, Hello Brother etc. and even the Dambaan Pilu ballad as closing, while warming down.

Then we had other group activities after the breakfast, where in one of that Whoda accidentally ‘almost’ drowned while swam in the pool. It wasn’t because she doesn’t know how to swim, but she had a moment where not able to float herself as realized she was in the deep area. Luckily nothing bad happened, but I bet Bob a bit sad as he wasn’t the hero of the day. He he he…Bob. Just kidding. Anyway, that just made me to say absolutely ‘no’ to enter the pool. Yeah…I don’t even know how to swim.

We then had this so-called jungle lunch. This sort of treasure hunts of the lunch ingredients done in a large group and they hide the foods even in places that we didn’t expect. Azhan was very cool and sporting as he jumped into this dirty pool (should I call it drain?) And guess what? If not because of him we won’t get chickens and sausages for our lunch. The jungles lunch was fun; even we had to be under this hot sunny day to prepare the dishes for all of us. Kak Wan was nominated as the chief cook and she was damned busy and devoted to the task. TQ Kak Wan so much. Anyway, the sardine cooked by Edmund using Kak Yati’s recipe was good, and the telur dadar, fried chicken as well as the veggie-soup, catered our stomach well, even the rice slightly out of spec. He he he…

Our jungle-lunch ended almost 4 pm and then we had this evening session in the classroom after asar pray. Short and brief, I guess. Then, we had this BBQ Dinner near the swimming pool. It was good one even I didn’t eat a lot, but refreshment after one day under hot sun. That night then we had this Corporate Value session. We watched the company’s corporate videos and I’ve to admit, even I had to stretch my neck to watch it, it touched me. A short discussion with Zam and Bobby, mixed with my emotional thoughts on my past experience with PMO, sort of embarked something new in me. It was the beginning where I started to understand why I wanted to work with the company.

Oh…even we were so tired, the session after the supper-break was entertaining, the opening act by the Seri Dinar team, particularly. The act was based on the one of the famous fish-market in States and we had this who’s-that-sexy-blonde, selling the fish. He he he…fortunate enough for not having me as one of the customer as I planned to take the pictures of the hot-blonde, if they were to pick me. He he he. Anyway, the idea of the fish market basically on how we should enjoy our job or work. It works? Well can’t tell yet until I’m done with my moving-on period to my new ‘job’.

Friday was the last day we were in Janda Baik and it started a bit late with a briefing on the ‘Project X’ activity in the classroom. Our task were to build a watching tower following the technical specification given by the organized while at the same time should reflect our understanding on what we have learnt about team dynamics including the corporate values we’ve been taught on the night before. Oh...we had to build it using the bamboos and ropes given. Well...for a start, Planco has the simplest structure I guess, and our main pillars were the last one to stand up on the ground as we had to tie the ropes again and again to get it firm and strong. But anyway, it managed to hold all 13-of us. He he.
Each group required present the project and this was when Che Mad got his own trademark ‘Marilah Bergoyang’. Funny dude! Seeing your ‘selamba’ and ‘poyo’ act. You made my day. Oh… plus with the ‘Bergaya’ act while climbing the ladder. He he he. A friend told me, he spontaneously did the joke as he was nervous, actually. Well it worked dude!

The ‘Project X’ activity did really burn all of us and I got my face red. I felt like a grilled prawn. Anyway we checked out from the resort after Friday pray and headed to PERMATA. It had been a tiring week for all of us and the journey back was just peacefully silent as everybody took the nap zzzzz…….

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