January... the story so far (part 2)

Our group continued the Self-Confidence sessions on the next day with Endurance Circuit activity. This one got all of us dirty as we had to crawl on the ground. It was fun, though I still didn’t manage to do the monkey circuit thing. Sorry guys you had to hold my weight with the plank. Then we headed to the Plank Walk circuit. This is where our group name came from, as each of us admit the full teamwork effort and dedicated had been put while doing this challenge. Even the trainer agreed with the fact. It was fun and funny too. Anyway we manage to collect all ping-pong balls and reached the end.

Then we had this Spider-web and Death Circuit challenge, and both were tough, especially when had to do in a hot sunny day. Again both really tested our teamwork and planning skills. We had news on Sakinah that she twisted and broke her ankle as she jumped to get out from the Spider-web. So much for an easy plan without considering the safety factor. It wasn’t her fault at all. Heard she had to go a minor surgery and having this 6-week MC for recovery. Hope everything fine now, dear.

The battle cry for our group! Heh…in the afternoon session we had to come out with all about our group things such as vision, mission, logo, flags as well as the battle cry. I couldn’t recall our group’s battle cry as I was busy helping Amir completing the flag a.k.a our group logo. Anyway it was a translation of 4 values that our group member agreed in Arabic, courtesy of Amir. One thing I remember is it had this ‘Kichi-kichi Tonga’ thing. He he …something from kiwi’s land I guess, a Maori version may be, Zam? It was fun.

Almost dusk, before the evening session ended, we were briefed on the western dining etiquette. So much tips, info and questions especially from the loud Mat No and few from Azmin. I don’t know, but somehow I think some people just love to showing off how good they were on that matter and they forgot the manners of asking or sharing information. I had a quote from a friend that agreed some people were quite rude as they sort of looking for a debate rather than sharing info or asking questions. Walah…
Funny eh… to hear such an opinion from people who had the chance to go abroad for a camp or something but then talked like they know everything about the etiquette and even tried to challenge our trainer opinion. Buck up! Egoism won’t get you far. But the lesson was good as we encountered lot of new things that we didn’t even aware on how to eat, respect and enjoy the meal.

One thing I didn’t expect about our team building program was we had to bring our formal clothes as we had this Western Etiquette Dinner session there. Hazrina joined me, Zam and Salmi for the table of four. I would prefer to have the session in Permata, as I believe we would be more eager and well prepared to dress and eat formally. It started with garden salad, and then followed by cream soup with bun. Main course was fish and fries served with mixed vegetables, lettuce and coleslaw. Desert was nice; it was a lovely chocolate brownie with ice cream. Somehow, I feel the candle light dinner (yeah...we ate with a candle lightened up the place) was long and full of etiquette …how you hold the spoon, how you cut the fish etc. but that’s actually how we enjoy and respect the beauty of the meal, as I learnt. It wasn’t all about filling the stomach.
After the long-than-usual dinner, we then changed our clothes for another night-outdoor activity called ‘Blindtrail’ which aimed to discovery, test and teach us on the leadership element. Eyes to be blindfolded and you’ll walk in a row, following the instruction from the front-most person, who is the leader. Just to make the activity more adventurous and creepy, Hj. Rahim included these so-called stories about the path that we were going – the orang asli village, the tok batin, the creature etc. It wasn’t so thrill as most of us able to predict where they took us actually. But that’s another story. Blindtrail probably one the most enjoyable activities in Janda Baik, except I had my sponge-thick Adidas wetted, my clothes dirty etc. as we had to cross this so called river. Perghhh! It was fun anyway especially when we had the chance to see video taken by the trainers and I learnt something about leadership from the program.
Till then ...

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