January... the story so far (part 1)

3 weeks away from my laptop and writing for my blog stacked a number of stories in my mind. Too many things happened and touched my life, some of them delved quite deep into me. I could feel part of myself has turned to the new me. Cliché eh?

2005 arrived while I was still numb on a number of things, particularly on my decision on my career life, as well as figured out what could I do more and effectively to help the tsunami’s victims. The feeling of sympathy keeps growing and getting stronger in me and I’ve to admit how this tragedy touched my life.
I left home on the 2nd day of New Year, heading to Bangi for this new-executive orientation program. 80 of us were on the list sent few days before, and fortunately I was still in PMO and able to check my notesmail. So much for an effective communication by HRM. What if I wasn’t around? Luckily I was proactive enough.
Day one had nothing other than a number of icebreaking sessions. 76 of us actually were in the program and it was a blend of fresh graduates and some experience buddies who just joined the company or a bit late been called for such program. We had a big group of UTP of Toronto, Perak in the program, a number of IPTA’s grads as well as oversea grads, plus 2 Sudanese and a Pakistani. It wasn’t an easy task to have all people names or at least their nicknames in my mind, but for sure we had 4 persons so called Hafiz/s that made us came out with this Hafiz Kahwin (as he married already), Hafiz Proton (as he used to work with Proton and wore this Proton shirt), Hafis Kapten and Hafiz just to make things easier. Oh...we had two young senior citizens in the group he he he… (pardon me kak wan and bro. naza).
The 2nd day we headed to Janda Baik for a team dynamic/building program. Nothing interesting about the journey other than we had this pirated ‘National Treasure’ screened. Seri Dinar Resort, as the place named located on a quite remote location somewhere in the hilly Janda Baik. It is a lovely and beautiful peaceful place. We were divided into group of six for the lodging and in my group were Fuzz, Amier, David, Syahril and Cyed.The chalet was good with 3-channel Astro (only?), a bathroom and six beds in a small room. He he couldn’t ask more.
The program started after lunch with an introduction by the Seri Dinar team and followed by a short ice-breaking program. We then divided into 6 groups of 12 to 14 people. Planco we called our group and we had Stanely as our team leader. In the evening, each group then taken by the facilitators for our first session of team dynamic activities – ‘Self Confidence’. Planco had this Flying Fox as our first challenge. Hallelujah! It was fun and I got this red mark on my forehead as it hit the tire twice. Eco-Challenge really tested my confidence. I didn’t realize how nervous I was while walking on the track which consisted of ropes and pipe, as the trainer wanted me to give my hand as I was about to reach the first stop point and asked ‘ Is this your first time doing such activity?’. I thought height was not a big problem with me, but I was wrong.
That night, again we had this ice-breaking session but this time one-to-one interview with a partner. Salmi was my partner and after completed the interview, each of us had to introduce the partner to the crowd. It was fun at first as we discovered a number of interesting things such as Mat No experience on taking care his cows and people’s nicknames such as Duncan, Cici, Kapten, Abot and Che Mad. But it was too long and a tiring session as we had it ended almost after midnight, just to listen to same info of others and I was the 3rd last had to introduce my partner that night. But Hj. Rahim, our head of the Seri Dinar team, managed to recall all of the names that night. Yeah… I bet he enjoyed it, no wonder.
Till then…

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