My Memory ( Road to Scot's Land )

The weather was still wet as we left Fort William’s hostel. We had new backpackers joined us, to compensate a few of them who chose to stay overnight at Fort William. Our next stop would be Oban, the small town near the seaside of west Scotland. But before that, Paul took us to visit Glen Coe.

The three of us had this place in us mind as this place was one of the locations shot for Harry Potter third sequels, and we looked forward to see the place so much. In fact, I’ve read quite a number of articles from photomag about this place. Other than the Isle of Skye, Glen Coe is one of the most breathtaking and dramatic landscape in Britain.The rain turned out heavier as we reached there. I couldn’t remember much, but we took a small road that sort of across mountains of Glen Coe.

We first stopped for a while nearby the area where they had the shooting for HP3. It was the set for Higrid house but almost dismantled, as the shooting ended for few weeks ago. It was so sweet to remember the place back when I watched the sequel. ‘I’ve been there!’.

Then Paul took us further inside the Glen Coe and parked at one spot. Though it was still raining, the opportunity to take pictures must be grabbed. Honestly, the curves of the landscapes made by the rocky mountains of Glen Coe were breathtaking, and if the weather was good with diffused sunlight, it could be heaven! Weather was humid and I got my D7 fogged and had to wipe the lens few times. I wished I could be there at the right time. My pictures turned out a bit dull, even I’m still awed by the beauty of the landscape.

We stopped there quite long, and Paul had his special hot chocolate prepared for us. For the three Malaysian mafia ‘No whisky!’. I just knew they sometimes have this whisky added into their hot drinks. From Glen Coe, we headed to Oban, our next stop.

It was a small lovely town, near the seaside. They hostel was good too, except this time we had to pay 20p for the towel. I guess that day, it was raining all over Scotland, as Oban didn’t miss from it too.

After pray and clean up ourselves, the three of us went for a walk around the town. After 5 pm, the town almost dead as most shops closed already, but we managed to get into few souvenir shops to buy something from Oban. It was cold, as we chose not to stay long out there. Well, that completed our third day journey of ‘Road to Scot’s Land’. Till then …

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