It's My Call ?

Saturday PTS1 Family Day and Raya Gathering.
Lovely day and my D7 impressed them.

Sunday We moved to our new office, finally.
I have a new cubical that is thrice the size of my previous cubical.
Spacious and most us spent the day tidying up the office.
I love my new cubical. It’s spacious and I can put a lot of stuff there.
Back home, I saw a registered letter on my bed.
Darn! I was excited.

‘Process Shift Supervisor’ at GPP B.
What the heck?

Monday Mixed feeling when thinking back on the reaction should be on the news.
Happy – finally after ages, this is my call. A permanent post will help to solve my 500k debt with ESU. But I felt numb when thinking back; it isn’t what I’ve been hoping for. Even I did wish for, before, more or less. My mood suddenly caught my attention from doing my job.
I spoke to Harris and showed him the offer letter. I don’t know, but as a friend, I saw his reaction layered with disappointment with the offer.
“I believe you belong here’.

I spoke to my brother Kasim Selamat and told him
‘I could feel not enough effort been done by people here to hold me’
I went to see Hanim.
‘Quite surprise, as we did send a request as we knew your interview result’
‘Your contract we’ll put end on 15th Dec 2004’
‘The chance is slim, if you want to appeal’

My boss’ words;
‘What is your preference? If it’s to be here, I’ll speak to our PD…bla bla and bla …’
Tuesday I took a leave to do medical check up.
I almost fainted after they took my blood. It was so me. I thought i had overcome the problem.

Wednesday Back to the office. No mood.
I spoke to my big bro Fendy.
‘I’m just a tiny part of sea of other important things. No wonder people prefer to make things easier for them.’
His words
‘Now you have to fight for yourself if you wanted to stay here. We cannot hope on this people 100%.’
I’m gonna miss him, if I’ve to leave.

I sent e-mail to HR Holding’s Head of Recruitment. I waited for the answer with mixed feeling.

May be it is really my call.
Hanim was not around. So did my boss. I wanted to know so much what they discussed about me, as Fendy told me. I’d been trying to call HR holding since morning. It’s just so typical. I mean to have them nearby work station and answer the phone sounds like a mission impossible.

Finally, got them when I about to leave the office. Darn! If you knew the answer to my question, what does it damned hard to at least call or reply my mail?

The verdict?

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