Good Bye PMO

It's time for me to say Good Bye to all beloved colleagues & friends. Today is my last day at PMO. I joined PMO as a PLSP trainee, assigned to PTS1 back in Feb 04.Alhamdulillah, i'm fortunate to pursue my work here under contractemployment basis till 15th Dec 04.
The past 11-months has been a tremendous chapter for me. I know it's too exaggerate to define this short-period experience that way, but it just so true for me. I stepped my foot with arms wide open here, where i believe i was so enthusiastic to learn and i had endless opportunity of learning here. I had rough times too, which taught me to be hard, even sometimes i had my emotion took me on control. Hey, i'm not plastic or superman, i'm only human. Punch me i bleed. Anyway, it has been a good time for me and I would like to thank -
Sub-Surface Engineering Section/PTS1 Members
I'm blessed to meet and know you guys. Thank you for your endless supportand guidance. Dulang Surveillance Team Members ( Zainal,Harris,Zulhairi,Azhar), Fendy, Koko, Kasim and others. I couldn't have been this far without the support i have from you guys.
I remember i used to be a proper Charlie when lost in translation during my early days there. But i had good people around me and with my enthusiasm to learn, i'm able to survive. I have to admit i've fall in love and found my passion there, but it's just not my rezki to have myself stay there.
I have to move on, but the memories with you guys will always be with me. Oh..don't forget to buzz me if need my help to take photos... he he, butthis time i have to charge lah.
POL/Bunga Kertas/Perintis
Special thank to POL Asset members ( Sue, Syed, Aida, Hamdan, Baya, En.Hamzah, Tatmi, Husni, Kak Teh and others), MASA & PNL Team ( Hj. Alias, Hj.Jasli, Hj. Karim, Azmi, Azmin, Siswanto, Capt. Yee and others) for your cooperation throughout my time with you guys.
Not forgotten, PNL/Abu Cluster Project Team especially, Mahadhir, Mat Ali,Zul , and En. Yusof , thank you very much for all the support and help.
PLSP2 Buddies - you know who u are
It's been such a wonderful experience to have you guys as my friend.
'Pernah kita jatuh mencuba berdiri'
'Menahan sakit dan menangis'
'Tapi erti hidup lebih dari itu'
'Dan kita mencuba melawan'
We've always been reminded that we just fortunate trainees , but i believe we have proven who we are and what we capable of doing. Insya-Allah, maythe bright future be with us.
Others - PHR, PFA, iPerintis and whole PMO family. TQ again for all the good things you guys did.
I would like to take this opportunity to apology for myshortcomings/mistakes. I'm only human, a young graduate that thick with ego and enthusiasm, and i believe i can't run from doing mistakes. But i wish i'm able to learn something from that, so do i hope for you guys.
Thank you very much again and i wish a better future for all of us.

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