When The Rain Begins To Fall

I just missed 2 passes for Collin Farrell's Alexander! Received e-mail from mymesra today about this and they want to me to collect the passes at Mid Valley GSC. I wanted to watch that movie so much...but i guess that free gift is not my 'rezki'. Next time, they should make it available to be collected at any GSC branch. Well Kuantan is the closest for me!
Finally, Jermaine Jackson's 'When The Rain Begins To Fall' mp3 is in my laptop. It's been ages i tried to get this song, as i was actually had no idea on the title and the singer itself. Firstly heard i think, back when i was at KMYS and it was from Gayat's PC and then i heard it back from Loly's pre-production of PLSP2 picture clip. But the full lyrics is not available, as i've been trying to search around. I'm referring to the 'rap' part is missing in most of the lyrics. Anyway..i love the chorus part....

And when the rains begins to fall
You´ll ride my rainbow in the sky
And I will catch you if you fall
You´ll never have to ask me why
And when the rains begins to fall
I´ll be the sunshine in your life
You know that we can have it all
And everything will be alright

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