My Memory (Road to Scot's Land ...)

Eid Celebration at PMO was awesome, eventhough most of the time it was heavily raining. I was incharged at Satay's stall, the hot stuff of the event! I mean the satay, not me.
Anyway, i managed to bring my lovely D7 and snap 21 shots during the event. Everybody looked excited to have their photo taken by me with my big camera. Ahaaa...then a guy, i think he is sort of PMO event photographer, approached me and my D7. Actually before that i asked him to tak e me picture with others and he was damned impressed with my D7. 'The first one i'd ever seen in Msia'. Funny thing when he asked me 'Are u a photographer?' and I quickly replied 'No. I'm engineer'. Darn! I was so dumb as i realized back he wasn't reffering to my job!. 'I know. But It's your hobby right?'. He was right indeed and told me that they're looking more people to join the team to take pictures. That was good and he said he'll get back to me later on.
Then, another photographer came to me and asked to look at my D7 and he was certainly awed with it. 'This is a good camera'. Big grin on my face. I have more event to shoot this week, hopefully my pics will turn out good. Anyway, after ages Road to Scot’s Land is back. In the previous entry, the last stop was Inverness and the story now begins from there. Enjoy it!

The next day, we departed from Inverness Hostel before 10 where most of backpackers from yesterday trip on board. Paul took us on a short tour around the small town before brought us to the legendary ‘laundry lady’ home. Well ‘legendary’ is too exaggerate; it’s more like a tale. Sorry though as I couldn’t remember what it was all about. But two things that I clearly remember are, hang piece of your clothes (a pair of socks would do) or drink the water from the ‘mata air’ (huh...what do we call this in English?), you’ll be lucky. The water itself is believed to have a healing power. More or less, it sounds like the tale of ‘Tasik Dayang Bunting’. Along the way to the place, we passed by Inverness Soccer Stadium and Paul told us the remarkable history made by the soccer team of the small city, by beating the big team (Was it Celtic or Ranger?) to qualify to some stage in Scottish Cup competition. It was the biggest upset of that year, Paul stressed that.

Anyway, we saw a lot of old clothes hung around the trees near the ‘laundry lady’ old hut. While as most of us quite thirsty, we just filled up our bottle with the water then.
From there we then move to the west and stop by at a waterfall called Rogie Falls. Na was more like a rocky rivers and Paul told us if we were lucky we could see Salmon fish leap against the flow during the mating season. Oh…due to some technical error, I was accidentally been chased by bees, I think. I did look like a proper Charlie when ran away from them.
We left the place almost noon and heading to our next stop, Isle of Skye.

The Eagles’ ‘Hotel California’ filled the journey as everybody sung the song together when the track being played. In fact, Paul has this track called ‘Say Something’ on board which was good too. We crossed the Scot’s Land, heading to the west and I was awed by one of the greatest landscape scenery I’ve ever seen along the road. I wish I could ask Paul to stop and had me taking the breathtaking scenery of the mountains spread from East to the West of Scotland.

The weather, however, was getting wet as the evidence of rain in the west obviously appeared in the sky. The rain was getting heavier. Anyway, Paul as he always was, kept making the sarcastic jokes along the journey. This time, the Dutch lady was his victim.

We arrived at Kyle of Lochalsh, the gate to Isle of Skye around 1pm and it was raining. From there I could see the majestic scenery of Isle of Skye that been connected through a beautiful bridge. More than half of the backpackers left for Isle of Skye and it was only 5 of us from Inverness still there. Not much we could do as it was raining. We had our lunch while waited for other group of backpackers to join us there.

Isle of Skye is one of the most dramatic and breathtaking landscape in Europe to be photographed. I read this many times and I felt regret for not considering the option to stay there longer. Anyway, Paul stressed that the weather there was not so promising during summer time and ‘You are blessed if you had good weather there!’. The group that joined us later on came with interesting story about Isle of Skye - the weather, the landscape, the walk etc. and everything just seemed beautiful.

This all-ladies group consisted of old women and 2 Spanish chics. They conquered us seats and put our stuff anywhere they like. First impression wasn’t that good on these 2 young ladies. Paul gave a brief introduction and had them introduced themselves before we moved to our next stop which was the Elain Donan Castle. Located near the river and this castle was spotted in Highlander and in one of 007 Movies – yeah the one that had Brosnan. We paid a visit in a group into the castle as we had a 30% discount. I had chat with a Dutch lady from Belgium who firstly thought we were Indonesian. From there we then headed to Fort William, where Britain’s highest peak ‘The Ben Nevis’ stands. Unfortunately, the weather still wet and it wasn’t in our plan to stay at Fort William Hostel, and we missed the chance to visit the Ben Nevis.

Few from Skye stop, left to stay there (including the Dutch lady and her friends) and we had Olivie, a French-Canadian guy and a number of ladies from States joined us. Olivie told us he had a good time at Fort William as he joined the walk to the peak of Ben Nevis. ‘I could touch the cloud there!’. Darn…I was damned jealous.
Our next stop then was the magnificent ‘Glen-Coe’. Does this name trigger anything? He he he…I’ll tell in my next entry. Till then.

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