My Memory ( Ramadhan ...)

darn! time flies fast and syawal is around the corner.
i missed a lot of things and for sure the main reasons for me not having my Life is...? updated because the sluggish service by telekom people contract basis employment as 'Production Technologist' at my previous department started.
the telekom thing
saje je bulan puasa nih buat aku hot. punyala lembab service telekom bila nak reconnect balik line phone nih. imagine after almost a week baru buat sambungan. itupun setelah 3-4 kali telefon aduan. bila aku call ari tu..aku apa lagi laser la org yg angkat tipon tu. banyak berdolak dalih plak. in fact very tipikal..macam x buat keje. ada ke patut each time aku adu suruh sambung tipon...mintak aku bagitau last bill yg aku bayar nye number etc. silap besar la..tak pasal-pasal kena komplen dgn aku. then janji dalam masa 24 jam sambung. hampeh...seminggu adala.
production technologist thingy
effectively from 1st november, i started my work there as production technologist/surveillance engineer. well it was my position during my training that ended last october. anyway, we, i mean me and sarah still negotiating about the salary and no agreement has been signed yet. come on RM 3000 sounds sensible to me. anyway, there's insteresting story behind this negotiating thingy which i'll tell later.
2001 Eid open house
to make it short, i cooked dishes for 100 guests. imagine the nasi minyak with ayam merah and rendang daging. that's my record! and it was the last open house we did when i was in sheffield.
we moved to Havelock street during summer of 2002.
it wasn't a good experience at all, particularly Ramadhan.
i didn't enjoy it as much as i did in the year before.
we were separated, i mean only 5 of us stayed at 23 Havelock street, while remmy and james stayed nearby.
we were getting busy as it was final year for me and 3rd year for others. 3rd year means we had big design project etc.
i should say that i regret for having such dull final Ramadhan there.
In fact, i had stress with my final year project.
Eid wasn't good too. As after the pray, i rushed to lecture theathre and that day we had this big discussion on the the project.
The celebration was held somewhere at Pakistani Muslim Centre, and it was ok. Snapping the pics was my main activity as i just got my 3600HS D flashgun.
No open house. As nobody seriously or willing to take charge. In fact, i had this sort of argument with a friend. But that year was full of invitation to others open houses.
Anyway, i still managed to cook my rendang ayam and kuah kacang with ketupat segera.
It was dull and dreary. I wish i could turn back the time.
hehe...the craziest of all.
for the whole month i spent in permata, due to this PLSP phase one training.
it was memorable too, spending time with them.
food was good, yeah...and i missed the teh tarik.
crazy? well...imagine , we had this karaoke session after terawih, and in fact most of them went for table-tennis while waiting for sahur. and it turned out, only half of us went to the classes on the next day. he he.
we even had this bowling tournament and then spent endless hours for our PLSP2 special VCD.
in fact, it was enjoyable to as i managed to meet my old friends from SEMSAS. Big iftar at Sunway Pyramid, and then supper at stall in bangi till 2pm with bullah and ricek, and then had this big buffet at KLCC with bullah after one day shopping, and then with Fairuz and Della at burger king and lastly with Fadzli at KL Sentral Ayamas. Anyway, i had the chance to watch Matrix Revo with Fairuz, and did quite a lot of shopping too.
The last night at permata was crazy...he he...everybody in the karaoke room and sang like course our favourite was Hanya Memuji and few raya songs. I tried to stay up till sahur, but i was bit tired. Even so, still managed to do stupid thing! What the heck.
Eid, well my first Eid after 3-year abroad, i was looking forward for it. Kak Ila was also around too and it was enjoyable. Off course snapping pics was my main activity.
3rd week of syawal, we invited my Instep friends for 'makan-makan' at our house in KT.
It was good, but overall, i just realized, as i'm getting older, i feel the lesser the joy. I don't know ....

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