Happy Eid 1425

Al-Fatihah. Peace be upon him. Yasser Arafat dies at the age of 75. Muslim world lost one great leader.

'Seorang pemimpin Islam berjiwa kental pergi'

I pray for a good future for Palestin world. Even Arafat is not with us anymore, but the spirit and strength that he'd been honored for past few years will be with us.

I just finished packing my stuff as tomorrow morning, we'll be going back to our kampung. Cliche? Sometimes big grin appeared on my face as people asked me, 'balik kampung ke?' as i just lived about 2-hours journey from my kampung. Anyway, Eid is just around the corner and tonight is the 28th night of Ramadhan. Time flies fast as i just feel like start going for terawih few nights ago. Good things as i'm able to control myself from doing lot of stupid things as well able to get my terawih more than 20 nights this year.

'Ramadhan adalah bulan kita melawan nafsu'

Should i give a compliment for myself on that? Well, 1st Syawal will tell everything. And i would feel thankful and blessed if this year's Ramadhan able to teach me something.
Each year, one of things which i believe not only me but most of us waiting for is the raya advert and off course particularly from our National Oil Company. The Leo & Burnett team always have this big-hit ideas when it comes to advert thing. Full of message and leave us with emotion like we feel attached to what appeared on the screen. This year theme, off course, 'Deepa-Raya', but Petronas advert appeared a bit late on the TV. The one that caught my attention first was by TV3.

'Ikan dilaut, Asam di darat'
'Dalam periuk, buat muafakat'

Tales of Roger and Jo or should we call them Raju and Suparjo. Sense of humor with Adibah Noor's appearance. The petronas one is almost the same, and as well has this humor thing by the end of it

'Elehh..takkan la dalam iklan Petronas selalu kena ada org mati..'

I think back, whenever we have this double-celebration thing, most of the adverts tried to convey the message of the beauty of our people here. We have this strong 'unity' even between races and we treat it as something valuable, more than friendship. Tracing back my memory, the first ever advert by petronas on double-raya was almost 10 years ago, as after 33 years we then celebrated the Kongsi-Raya thing. That was one of the most beautiful raya advert for me. The shots were beautiful, especially the ending where we had this two kids eating the ice-kacang at the stall after they fought on something. It's just reminds me how beautiful the memory of being a kid.
The other one was the petronas raya advert with title kemaafan featuring Rozie Rashid and Wan Maimunah.

'Kadangkala, perkara yg paling sukar untuk kita buat dgn org yg paling rapat dgn kita ialah memohon kemaafan'

Mum once told me while i was abroad, there was one petronas advert that was really beautiful. It taught a lot on humanity, how selfish human etc. Wished i could watch it. Adverts from others this year were quite ordinary eventhough i like the cute Bata advert with Sarah appreance. Anyway, this year i have one advert that really touches my heart. It is the one from Kurnia Insurans.

'Ada masa, apa yang dipinta lebih baik daripada apa yg diberi'.

I'm gonna be on a long holiday. Hope the weather will be good and this year Eid at least would bring back the joy that i feel getting lesser each year. Happy Eid 1425.

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