The Spectacular Grand Finale Of M'sian Idol ( Vote for Jac!)

i bet Bintang RTM will just look like 'Bintang Kecil' competition, as seeing the spectacular finale last night.
Jac definitely is my choice for the first ever Msian Idol.
I didn't have the chance to see her 'Tunggu Sekejap' before this and i have doubt how this lady will carry our TSPR. She proved me wrong. It's like an amazing opening gambit for her performance last night. Suddenly, i just couldn't help myself rephrasing ( well...i can't carry a tune)..the 'Tungguuuuu....Sekejapppppp'. Kudos! It was just like seeing a fantastic jazz queen who makes the song looks classic.
'When I Fall in Love'....well i would rather have her to sing If I Ain't Got You, but she again amazed me with her beautiful performance. 2 thumbs up for her.
'Gemilang' was a superb climax, and she gave her best.
Last night was exactly her night! Syabas, kudos!
What's wrong with dina? She was hell nervous, judging from the way she sang.
Her gemilang was good.
But the 'Jelingan Manja' ?. I'm sorry, but why she chose that to be her 2nd song? I thought she would go for something that will 110% open her wide range beautiful voice tone.
I guess 'I Turn To You' or 'Pulangkan' would be the good choice.
And lastly, the Jury's choice...even it was soooo dina, but it lacked of something special there and i do believe the judges comments on her.
The votes.
Jac looked confident last night, and even bunch of people have this 'she's mengada-ngada' thought.
What? Is it wrong about being sweet and confident?
I had a chat on the finale with friends this morning and they don't want to go for Jac as they said Dina is much better singer and they feel pity for her as the judges criticising her hell lot. In fact they said, last night just turned out to be unfair for Dina, obviously.
They suddenly get emotional when i said, Dina is actually good, but she made mistake last night. I thought she will make me hard to choose, but her performance last night speaks everything.
I'm not trying to be biased here as i do agree i'm a big fan of Jac as i'm truly amaze with her 'flawless' voice and singing technique, but let face the facts.
Even Roslan did say, it's a good start for us to have such an honest 'competition'. You do bad, you'll get bad comments.
Even, they questioned on it's not fair as Jac has this experience.
What's wrong with exprience? as roslan said.
Jac is still my choice and she'll make us proud at the WI.
Vote for Jac...we still have few hours left.

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