My Memory ( Ramadhan ...)

It wasn’t as exciting as the first year, our 2nd-Ramadhan abroad. Everybody seemed busy with their own stuff at this stage. Few of us started doing part time job after school, one busy with his new gf and so on. It was pale and quite boring actually, the atmosphere of our home. 

Anyway, we had few juniors living nearby and once reza and his buddies invited us for iftar at their house. Then, the Darnall Malay society started organized this weekend iftar, where each house including singles like us will prepare something for the event. It was like a big pot-luck iftar. 
When it turned out our Abbeydale buddies turn, I decided to have homely made ‘kuih cara’ and ‘roti jala’ for the iftar. Fahmi put extra effort to have this Corn-Custard Pudding

I’d been trying to make both kuih since I went back for summer holiday in 2001. I even brought the ‘acuan’ for kuih cara and roti jala to Sheffield. It took us the whole Saturday to prepare both kuih, especially the roti jala thing as it was quite a job. To make a perfect ‘jala’ and then get at least three or two layers, before we rolled it etc. Oh…we had lamb curry too for our roti jala. Eheee…. 

Anyway, it was a hot story at the iftar as everybody was surprised to see the traditional kuih on the table. June told the makcik-makcik kept asking; who made it… ohoo...we made it. 
After almost 2 weeks of Ramadhan, I then join Imran, June and Jury for part-time job as cleaner at Jennic’s office after school, as their previous supervisor suddenly MIA and they need somebody. Anyway, June was our new supervisor. 

Oh…anyway, we had good surprise news too during that time, June and Jury were getting married and they were going back during winter break for that. That meant, our Eid would be without them. 
Eid still went on. Yeah…this year the Malay society planned something bigger and and they asked us to help them prepare the satay. A big box of marinated chicken arrived at our house on the day before raya. 

Even we had our own satay. Mum sent me the parcel again and this year with satay spices as well as the blended ground-nuts for the sauce. What else? We had as usual rendang ayam and also lemang segera adabi

Early morning of Eid, June and Jury already in the airport waiting to board to Malaysia, and only 6 of us around which were me, Imran, Aizan, Fahmi, Remmy and James. First, we were thinking of going to have our Eid pray somewhere proper that year, it was either at our University’s Mosque, or Darnall or at one of the Mosque around Abbeydale. 

I couldn’t remember why, but that day it looked like no public transportation on the road. We wanted to go to at least University’s Mosque, but we waited for quite sometimes and there was no bus. Talk about Murphy’s Law, as we left the bus stop, No. 33 just passed us by. We then went to big Pakistani mosque there and it turned out the mosques was packed already and then we moved to a Bangladeshi mosque behind our house and it turned out we were too early, and we came back at 10 a.m. 

People look us like a bunch of weirdo, wearing a complete baju melayu with sampin and songkok. Eheee…even I accidentally did mistake while having the Eid pray. The ‘takbir’ on the second rakaat done after Al-Fatihah, rather than as soon as we stand up from sujud of the first rakaat. 

The Eid-Celebration at Pakistani Centre, was bigger than last year and we had our Malaysian friends too came to enjoy the food. It was good, I mean the food and I ate a lot. The venue also was good; I mean it was much cleaner and bigger than last year. So did our open house that year, it was bigger …extravaganza? Eheee…

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