My Memory (Ramadhan ...)

Phew..what a relief. Finally i've transferred all of my stuffs from mesrablog to blogspot. Almost 50 entries i wrote there and everything is in this blog now. Feel free to browse it.
Anyway, i'm still in vacation and this early morning while i was on my maxi rider, working out on my tummy ( ya aaa), i received a msg from somebody and asking me to come to the office for a meeting on PNL plus to attend a presentation by weatherford on our rental compressor plan.
See, people still need me though but i just can't make it. First it is a fasting month and i don't want to hurt myself to run and catch the bus in the hot afternoon. Second, i don't have guts to drive my dad 850GL. It's too big and i'm afraid i might cause a scratch on it.Third, i have a plan to go there tomorrow, so what's up with today? nobody pays me, so i just can hop in anytime. he he he..i'm such irresponsible dickhead.
anyway, back to the story of my ramadhan and eid abroad.


Aizan's speciality, Mee Kari was the main dishes for our first ever Abbeydale-Raya-Open-House. The side dishes offcourse my rendang ayam, ketupat segera and serunding, kuih raya and even the girls led by Nunue tried to make this chocolate cake.
That night, i was so dumb and had this fight with Apai just because a small thing and i bet i was too sensitive. The thing is, i was a bit touch by his wording etc. and then he just sort of telling everybody about our small fight. I was so mad that time and felt unfair as i'm not sort of person who loves to tell others how dumb the others are.
In fact this guy also made me mad as he spent endless time with the phone, while i yet to call my home and my kampung for raya wishes. Waited in front of the TV for hours and he hadn't finished and i took a drastic thing by disturbing the line. Turned out, he noticed that and gave me a look.
Whatever! day while we were preparing things for our open house, i was the one who took the initiative to break the ice. When thinking back the habit of lots of my friends, they tend to keep things gone like that, no guilty feeling etc. whenever there's fight. I'd been experimenting this with few friends and most of them are same. I mean, when i tried not to talk, gave a look etc. showing that i still mad etc. , they just tried to avoid things. It's good for a while, but for how long? Never had the initiative to confront with the problems etc. Anyway, enough about Apai.
The day we had our open house was lovely. Why? ahaaa...we had snow showering all over sheffield and i couldn't believe how beautiful it was, the scenery and the moment there.
It's like i'd been in the Santa Clause movie. He he he...
Early morning me and shira went to the park in front of our house and took pictures in the snow. So crazy... i mean yeah..that was what we called 'raya kat negri org putih'...dressed in baju melayu and kurung, and took pictures in snow...' muahaaaa.....
As we expected our guest to come near to afternoon, we had much time to prepare things and clean up our house. One thing for sure that most of abbeydale members should remember, we had unused toilet bowl in front of our house!..he he...none of us had any idea where that shit came from, but finally it was remmy who had to handle and move the thing...poor remmy...but wasn't that bad.
So the food was ready on the table and we had endless guests came till night. It was such a joy, to have friends around and enjoyed the foods, etc. Jury again had this crazy idea to record the moments in the videocam and had few interviews etc. with our friends. Bloopers! he people eat etc.
Anyway, towards the nights, most of the food almost finished, and in fact, for Mee Kari, Aizan had to cook again the gravy for few times and we had to buy the mee more. Last guest, managed to have the mee and curry, plus few portion of rendang left with ketupat.
But, i bet, we had done our best there and most of them couldn't wait for our next raya open house!....he he he....

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