My Memory ( Ramadhan ... )

Time flies.
After the 13th October thing, now 1st of Ramadhan arrives already.
3rd day of this year ramadhan, and i'm stucked in my room in front of this laptop figuring where to begin with.
as mentioned, i'm officially unemployed now and waiting the 1st november to start back my work-life there as a contract staff. it's still long i guess, but within that i have to do quite few things i.e. arrange the contact and may be go to the office as i don't want let things leave me behind when i get back there. i have this a numerous of thingy to be taken care of and in fact i deserve for a recognition for few of the special project things. i have done half of the way and i don't want to just leave things like that. in this such business, i have to be selfish too orelse i'll be stucked like worthless kuli.
i know i'm not a kind of guy who desperate for recognition, rewards etc., but i'm mentioning this as for sake i need those credits for my resume.
i now my colleagues so far been really good and they never leave me behind, but my inner side wants me to 'obviously' contribute, so i have the strong reason to feel i deserve it.
anyway..ramadhan is back.
so much i miss my life, few years back.
weird, for the past 4 years, i've been away and celebrating ramadhan and eid away from my family. and i've to admit, during the period i missed them a lot.
but when i'm back now, it turns out, i miss those sweet memories of being away.

i'd never imagined someday i'd be somewhere far away, fasting and celebrating ramadhan.
it was my first year in sheffield, UK and ramadhan came early winter of the year 2000.
it was almost 2 weeks before our winter break and good to know, most of the subjects had been covered and we had less classes during that period. so more times to spend on the bed.
how i miss so much the memories of Ramadhan at 53/51 Abbeydale Road. it was the first Ramadhan abroad for all of us, and while had this 'home-sick' thingy, each was so excited to have our first ramadhan on our own.
i couldn't recall much, it was a memorable experience.
it was winter and iftar was about 4pm, 3 hours earlier from here. Was it an advantage? You can say so, but fasting in winter was a challenge too as we'd easily get hungry. As most energy been used to warm up ourselves and while winter there was dry. imagine how thirsty and hungry we could easily be there. But school-works and life there helped us went through time well there.
it was a joy, our first ramadhan abroad as we were so enthusiastic to prepare things on our own etc.
for iftar, as it was quite early, and some of us still at school during that time, we only had drinks, dates and sometimes Mars etc. Whenever we had the chance to go back home early or during weekend, nasi goreng kampung plus some desert such as puding raja, would be available.
then after maghrib, as per-routine, we cooked for our dinner.
as we had almost 8 people, we had our tarawih in our house, and with the lead (imam) rotated among us. Isya' could be as early as 6 and we finished tarawih around 8 pm normally.
Dinner then will be served after the tarawih and then we had time on our own, watching the telewest cable TV or study ( fahmi's favourite!) he he he.
One thing that remember about our 1st ramadhan there, we were sort of bit isolated from the Malay community there, as we didn't or rarely joined their activities etc.
May be first, we lived quite far from them, and 2nd we loved to do things on our own.
Oh...when it the winter break start, it was almost 2 weeks before Christmas and Eid too. So Apai came out with the suggestion to have a christmas tree in our common room, which was the place we had our tarawih. I didn't mind, as i believe he has the right too, but one of us made an argument bout it. but it was small argument only.
Winter-break of 2000 in sheffield was so exciting as our house sort of became the host for most of our friends from all-over UK who came to visit sheffield, and they came coincidently at once.
We had Idra and Syahrul from Scotland, Bono, Boon and Sop from London, The Birm' ladies and few from manchester.
Once i remember i had to cook my speciality 'ayam-merah' but them. it was really tiring but i enjoyed it so much to have friends to be at our lovely house there.
Nunue came to stay with us as UMIST's winter break started, and she brought such a joy. Plus we also had Jason who travelled from Cambridge. In fact, Babyripp also hanged around.
we had christmas eve dinner too at our house for our Jason, Apai and James christmas...and the preparation was such a joy. Apai did try to get us halal turkey from yafai..but he was a bit late and we had chicken + pasta for the dinner. They tried 2 recipes for the roast-chicken and both were good. The stuffing thing? he he..i couldn't imagine how they enjoyed doing that to both chicken...he he.
I had my raya parcel received and it was full of raw-things to cook raya dishes, such as satay, rendang etc. even mom sent me the recipes....and off course i wanted so much to hv rendang on my own...
so chicken rendang for our first Eid abroad? ....

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