If I Ain't Got U ( Vote for JAC!)

I once heard this song performed live by Alicia during MVA 2004 awards and sure, it was hell superb! Keys is such a talented woman and i bet one of the best R&B icon i ever heard.
But i was even amazed with the 2-thumbs up performance by our Malaysian Idol finalist ( or to be...vote for her!), Jac last friday night.

If i were there i would have a standing ovation for her and applausing like hell there. Just imagine even Roslan couldn't help the crowd stop from applausing, to let him to give comments.
Honestly, i had the strong feeling even Jee or our only CT couldn't do that.

Her Shima's Teringin was good but Keys' rendition by her was fantastic, trust me. I had this 'meremang tekak' when heard Jac delivered the song. She has the attitude and class of her own.

I wasn't a big fan of this such reality-tv thingy but as i spotted the 'fresh' and ' beauty' of this idol program, i'm attracted to it now, even most of the time i only able to watch the 'Result Show'.
I've been spotting Jac, Dina and a little bit of Vick to be the Top 3 and yes...they are the Top 3.

But honestly, i have the strong feeling and would go for Jac as the idol. My humble judgement, Jac is very talented, she has beautiful voice and originality. She has the attitude and class, plus the ability of her to carry song without so-much 'struggling' thing. Yeah..the talent is there.

Dina is second for me, and it is not because of her look or size! She has this powerful voice but one thing that she lacks of is the attitude and sometimes, the way she carries song can be 'terbabas' or ' hilang dalam kesayupan' when she sang a high-key song. To name, well i have a few such as 'Pulangkan' and Aishah 'Janji Manismu'. I feel like she's bit rushed sometimes..so you feel like a jump when she finished the high-key notes. Plus..she can be a good copycat.

I know this won't do justice for her by listing bad traits spotted...but hey that's my humble opinion and it's up to malaysia to decide either she or Jac or Vick...

Vick... ok he's number 3 here and i expect him to be voted out this week. Dina and Jac are too strong for him actually, even i would give a good credit on his 'I Believe' performance. That was his best, but he spoiled it with average 'Belaian Jiwa'. As Paul said to Dina for her Seksis performance, i don't feel Vick's performance on this song was 'different' or 'special' to outdo Dina or Jac for final. I have fear on that. But it's up to Malaysia to vote!

However, i still couldn't help myself from thinking Jac's If I Ain's Got U.

She have my vote!
Good Luck Jac!

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