Finale ..., officially i completed my training. it is the last day i or we carry the tag of 'trainee' and 'plsp2'.
time flies and couldn't believe how fast the 13th October has came back to us. it's been a year since we step our foot into this so-called plsp world.
i believe this has been important chapter in my life as i had tremendous experience throughout this one year.
so much things happened, but the greatest things of all may be, my good friends.
even i have to admit toward the end of the program, i or may be we had some bad time with our friendship thingy, but i'm proud of having plspian as my friends.
we've been through a lot things together, low or high, even we did had this fight among each others, but us still the bunch of people who i believe should proud on ourselves. as we are not quitters!
it, however, doesn't end well as today, each more or less just sent this farewell e-mail. i know there's constraint, but i was expecting more...well like big gathering and graduation like. he he he...hey even the bunch of AF crap had this graduation thingy. he he he.
anyway...i wish each of us all the best and always remember this is the chapter of our life that will be proud of. trust me.
so today is my last day as a trainee there.
i have my interview result already.
i passed the interview and now the big-HR put me in the 'pool' where it could last till 6 months before i'll be called for duty-report wherever they want me too.
sigh...i wish for something better. eheh..sounds like i don't enjoy what i've been doing? well may be...i'm bit torned actually. later on i'll write about this.
so am i in vacation right now? more or my department couldn't help me to be absorbed as contract staff as early as next week, i have this 2 weeks so called vacation before i go for contract basis temporarily by 1st november. well that's provided, i choose to.
anyway... i do feel good to hear bout this 2 weeks break i've been looking for this sort of period for so long.
i want spend my time with reading.
i want to read and do my own things.
listening to my CDs, reading my photo-mags, books....
ah...Karim Raslan's Ceritalah and Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain are waiting on the shelf.

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