Day 14

It’s getting better, I guess, the ‘mouth ulcer’ thing. Well, I’ve been taking plenty of plain water lately and avoid cold drinks (yet …unable to resist the taste of new magnolia’s ice-cream), those probably the reason I’m able to recover from the pain now.
Anyway, yesterday while I was enjoying Burning Flame 2, one the scene caught my attention as it had something to do with the mouth-ulcer thing.
Actually, Tong Kwai was trying to relate the ‘pain’ in our daily life with how do we feel when having the ‘mouth-ulcer’.
‘Once, as you feel the greatest pain caused by your mouth ulcer, suddenly you’ll realize, it will slowly disappeared, the pain. Same like any bitterness or troubles in life, you’ll get through the hardest time, but then you’ll see or feel things will get better. No problem that can’t be solved.’

I had a chat with Adi HR last few days, regarding my placement status, but the finding was not so good, more or less it did demotivate me. May be because he doesn’t know much and couldn’t tell me a lot, but I was a bit disappointed with the statement that there’s not guarantee on the job and it would be good if I just grab any offer that comes.
Darn! Now I feel regret when rejecting the interview called by Intec. least if I got the job, it will be a good money for me.

Koko mentioned to me that our HR currently offers us RM 2500 for our contract basis service, which is much lower than we expected. It is not about demanding or what, but I believe the on the market value that we are worthy more than that. Intec put much higher price, while once kassim did tell me at least I could make between 3-4 k if going for contract basis. The thing is, it was them who told us that they’ll consider us with one year experience. I know money is not everything, but it’s just something that I feel we deserve for. They sort of don’t realize for the past few months, we’ve been doing the ‘real-job’ with low-paid allowance.

Anyway, I’ll be starting my work there on 1st November. So much, I don’t feel like working there, I have to. I mean, while my situation with the big HR still uncertain, which I still don’t know how long and where am I going to be placed, I don’t want to waste my time doing nothing. Oh...hope ayah able to get some info regarding my status with the big HR.

I feel like leaving the place. I mean the place I’ve been working so far. I don’t know why I put such a high hope that I’ll get somewherelse. Lately, I’ve the tendency of thinking the farewell speech that I should write for them etc. So silly, but I do have a feeling that I want to move on. Moving on from my comfort zone – family, friends- etc. I feel like having things on my own, making decision etc. I don’t know what makes me feel like this, but I believe because before this most of the things I’ve done, not really because I wanted to. Yadaaaa….whatever…
But the 1st November thing will still go on, while I’m hoping that I’ll know my status with big HR as soon as possible.

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