Bite me!

How does it feel when you can’t really enjoy the taste food after a day fasting? While my stomach sort of ‘singing’ and my head keep imagine the splendid taste of my mum’s ayam percik, I have to eat with 3 spot of ulcers lingering in my mouth. Darn!
It’s all started when I accidentally bite my lips while enjoying eating something, few days back. ‘This is not good!’ I told myself. I could sense the possibility of ‘mouth ulcer’ to come once the same place been bites thrice. Yeah… it did happen before.
From that day, I’ve been trying to prevent it from becoming serious by keep myself with plenty of fluid and avoiding any cold drinks. No bonjela…as I thought I was too early.
But after few days, I have to face the ‘struggle’ part especially while having my food as well as while brushing my teeth.
This ‘alien’ is giving me headache!
Anyway, finally I have all my stuff with me as ayah went to pick them from reza last Thursday. What are in the package?

1) My Minolta 70-210 mm lens. Nice. But the focusing was sort of hunting even with my lovely D7.
2) Films. I have 5 Kodak High Definition, 5 Reala and 3 Elite Chrome Extra Color.
3) DVDs. Bridget Jones’s Diary, Sweet Sixteen and The Parole Officer.
4) PrimeFilm Dedicated Film Scanner!

It’s the film scanner that I waited the most. The installation and setup were fast enough and I have myself scanning the films and slides since Friday. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed actually. First, as it is only a beginner level scanner, the quality that I got, so far not so good. The grain is not that smooth and the sharpness is not so good when I viewed the full size of the scanned image. Most of my slides including the good pictures start to collect dust and I just wondering that I should get the one with Digital ICE thing or at least dust removal features.
Scanning the slides was ok so far as I manage to get average quality image which I guess further process i.e. cheating, will help, but scanning the negative film…urgh!!! I could see the grain obviously on the image and plus other aliens like dust there.
Overall, the scanner is an average performer when scanning slide but not when used with negative film.
I still need to do further work on the image.
Half of my good slides been scanned at full resolution, and another half will be soon. Then I need to do some works, resize, rescale, editing etc. before upload the images into the net. Well at least …
Anyway, whenever this happened, I was sort of thinking to buy an upgrade to this like Scan Dual 4 or may be the Elite 5400, in fact, Dynax 7D also in my mind.
Dust…fungus…low quality processing lab…arghhhhh….

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