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it does feel good when i decided to come back here. i mean to hv blogspot as the host for my blog. for the past few months, after chose to be at somewhereelse, so much improvements can be seen here. more features and more user friendly.
black is such a mystery, sexy and elegant. may be those are the reason i chose the template for Life is...?. nothing personal, it's just my once-through thought.
anyway, i'm currently working on transferring all my goodies from mymesra blog. it's been quite sometimes and i had written almost 50 entries there and i want to get all of them here, home sweet home.
why? i thought i found the right place actually but towards the end, for the past few weeks, i don't feel my enthusiasm to write something there. may be that's just so me who can't concentrate on something, or may be i had the feeling that i tried to be somebodyelse there. no need to explain further, but that's what i feel.
my homecoming is like putting all the pieces of my jigsaw puzzles of life back together. part of me is here, while others at mymesra blog before. refreshing doesn't sound good, but i feel freedom here.
explaination? sometimes there are things that don't hv explaination. he cliche.
anyway...i hope this homecoming thing will boost my mood and frequency to write things here.
i wish to continue my stories on few things back, like my travel thing, my thoughts and reviews on films etc. plus to share some my good photo things, as well as sharing stories bout me and my life.
so new day has come ...
new day has come....

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