Reality Bites?

First, we surely gonna miss our sis kasmah as she's on leave now, waiting to deliver her baby. May Allah be with you and hope everything will be fine. So it will next 2 months, we'll hear from her back.

So it begins, i mean the Olympic Games. A homecoming of the biggest event on earth and surely this will another 'demam' for us here. I guess the major highlights probably the eagerness of the Greek to create history as they did in Euro04, and off course the battle between Phelps and Thorpe. For us, it is the shuttle games where we're putting our such hopes on our people to make a history, the first olympic gold medal probably? Good Luck. Malaysia Boleh !

AF2 just ended last night and as we know, Zahid is on the front page of our mingguan msia today. He has the complete package, they said and deserves to be the winner. Congrats then.Heh..believe or not, as i'm a bit backward with this Astro thing, i never had the consistent chance to hear or see this guy sings. Does he really good then?They said Kaer was good too, while Adam has this hell lot of talent on dancing, the next MJ? I saw him performed AAF song, that was good. I heard and saw 'pesona' Linda before this, and love to hear her voice singing this 'Semoga Abadi' and the one that she played guitar. I heard Mas once sung tuneless this 'Tegar' and 'Tamparan Wanita', as well as her stories etc. and knew about this few cheap gossips on Anding, Edlin and Zarina etc.

My colleagues were making a joke on Anding during my adhoc discussion on one of the oil-field that i'm taking care of, so called Anding. We had this urgent call from our asset as our total production won't able to meet the target and to start the meeting we sort of asking ' what to look first?' and this guy then said ' Anding takleh buat apa dah. Takleh nengokla. Anding dah keluar'. Pause. Everybody was a bit lost actually then laughed. So much lagged actually, but we constantly use that as joke thereafter.

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