Swing swing ...

Damn I love Spider-man!
He is my favourite superhero!

Last day for this OFM course and i had this 5-continuous notesmail from my teamleader regarding PNL as i checked it during the lunch break.
First message asked me to book transportation as we were requested by PMU to attend a meeting on Friday.
2nd message he requested me to send this presentation pack to him.
3rd message, correction about the time of the meeting, it was still Friday though.
4th message, meeting was canceled! PMU wanted only a small group for a discussion, rather than a big meeting.
5th message, my boss asked me to mail him the presentation pack again.phew....how fast people can changed their mind! in less than 3 hours.
Oh...just remembered, this asset people requested me this forecast thing for 4th quarter, which i was absolutely have no idea. Zul did that before and even my TL didn't tell me it is a quarterly-thingy to do.While my adik took my cabuk away again, i had to ask a friend to pick me up during weekend to the office.

Don't promise things that you ain't able to do!
Damn! I'm very particular when it comes to this punctuality thingy.
It's just for sake 'penantian...satu penyiksaan!'My friend msged me early morning..6am telling they gonna pick me up at 9.30am. When i called back around 8, they were still sleeping and she said, we buzz you later...but it'll be around 10.30 am. ok then! i need to be hurry as lot of works i wanted to do!But guess what! I was able to spend my time watching this Spider-man DVD while waiting for them, till the end! You guys really sucks when it comes to timing, even you are ladies....damn i'm good.
They left me at the office and heading to kuantan first.I only managed to spend less than 2 hours doing work, and then went for Friday pray with harris and wardi.3 pm, we departed from office, and Wardi suprisingly wanted to join us for the movie. I had to called my friend back and asked them to add one more ticket.On the way, received msg and Wardi so unlucky as the ticket was sold out.Arrived there, they did it again. Me and harris rushed just because we thought we were late, and it turned out we had to wait for them for 15 minutes just because these tickets' holders went somewherelse.
Oh..plz..enough lecturing about punctuality. It was like hell waiting them as i didn't want miss the movie! Come on guys!The thing is, i don't like people screw up my mood. Trust me i was damn excited to watch spidey and luckily we had our seat on the dot!

So what about spidey-2 ?
Wow! Swing swing... i loved the movie and i did enjoy it very much.Except the seat, this time we were unlucky as got this almost front seat and i had to twist my head almost 45 degree right, as they put us on the side-seats.Yet somehow, me and harris agreed that our mood was disturbed with this people in the cinema. imagine what, children anywhere making this noise, even some brought babies...and we had these few group of people who were too loud to comment when it came to this emotional scene etc.Arghh..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go back home and watch VCD la!

Oh..the movie was good and i'm excited to wait for the next installment. In fact, i'm thinking to get this soundtrack too.What about second round? Swing swing....who wanna join me?

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