Missing in action?

i'm back.phew..got an e-mail from mymesra admin regarding my blog that has been suspended. honestly didn't notice about the rules and regulations to check mymesra e-mail frequently. so much for being a blogger at somebody's portal.

guess what? there was thought of opening back my old blog account when this shitty thing happened. trust me, i'm addicted and for not having a look at my own blog is like...urghhh...not playing with my lovely dynax 7.

anyway..the mesra admin put sort of sacrastic remarks too on reminding me about this needs to check mymesra e-mail.ok...my mistake.but anyway..trust me guys, a lot of things i wanted to share just gone because this simple mistake. so what does i still remember now? darn! hit me !okiess

1) Petronas on top of the world? wah..it sounds good to hear the oil and gas industry having a good year and money too. perhaps the 'petrochemical corridor' as promised will be triggered soon so that, i could sneaking around then, for sake of a job as chemical engineer!. Anyway, officemates are now busy talking about the bonus thing, would it be 4 months thing? or more...by the way...i just can hear it from far...as u know..me just a trainee who's taking care the 25 kbarrel/day oil fields . Anyway...harris felt guilty when he accidentaly made a joke about this bonus things on us, and he thought we took it serious. Come on dude..u've been good to me, and just let it go. People make mistake, that's why they put eraser on top of your pencil. ( ok...not all pencils have this! )

2) Portuguese vs Dutch ? wah..so much for supporting these two team and i was torned. The portuguese made it then. The myth is no longer shadowing 'tuan-rumah'. he he..okies..what's next? Rep.Czech? Greece? Bring it on baby!

3)Wimbledon - Roddick cruised to semi-final then! So, will this young talent able to secure his first grand slam for this year? Federer looks good to repeat his history..but..we will see then.

4) He went away - okies..today is the last day for one of my good friend in our office. He got this offer from Landmark Halliburton as a drilling consultant with good-salary. Good luck dude and thank you very much for all ur help! We'll see again as MASA's looking forward for our next infill drilling project.

5) Got my slide back - i went to the shop to collect my slide but the amoi told me to come tomorrow. when i asked her ' are u sure?'...' eh..u come on The Day After Tomorrow la, sure ada' ...sounds familiar..tapi di mana ya? oh...that movie! hehe...so much for being a movie mania. Daily phrases could be ironic then...

6) Gracy Lou Freebush? remember this classic tale of an FBI agent turned into runner up of Miss United States...ha ha..this is one of my favourite movie and i watched the DVD last night. My favourite lines;

the pageants:'World Peace!'
Agent hart:'Gracy Lou Freebush? My IQ just drop 10 points'
Michael Caine:'Chin up and glide. Glide..and ..glide'
Michael Caine: 'I've never seen that walk since jurrasic park!'
Michale Caine:' You're not having sex on the stage!'
Agent Hart:' Oh..i don't know that's an option!. Don't worry guys, it's something that i did during my high school..what i just need is a phone call to the room service..

'muahaa...more and more....World Peace...'

okiesss..by right, rudy...no need for the 'Finding Audemars' campaign...he he i'm back and will keep my eyes on mymesra account.
World Peace!

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