Buat Aku Tersenyum ...

Almost 12 hours I’d been sitting in front of my workspace 2day. I only had Nescafe-Mocha for my lunch and I’m damn hungry and tired.Anyway… I feel blessed today. Do you still remember yesterday’s incident? Well…I had this moody thing when I woke up this morning. It was more to go or not to go for work today.

Early morning, I felt like I was sneaking silently into my department, hoping nobody notice me around. Well…after few minutes then my big brother dropped by my workspace and hold my hand ‘We are proud with you and we will stand still with you on this’.Gasp… and I was speechless. What was actually happened? Funny to hear too, as it looks like I just doing something really noble. Another guy came to me and asked ‘Are u ok then? He he..everybody looks wanna fight for you…u know’

When I passed by my big bro workspace, he then asked me…how do you feel now?‘Can we talk this later?’ I had to go as one day I’ve been missing from the office, I had this bunch of work to be done.I went to see Zainal and everything went ok, he just asked me ‘sakit ke semalam?’. Big poisonous smile ‘Gitulah’.Nadzri came and asked ‘ Ko sakit ke?’ Big smile again, I gave and ‘ooo..sakit in bracket’ he he…sakit hati dude.

I spent almost the whole day finishing quarterly performance review thing for asset and then continue with updating the capacity review thingy. In fact, I had to entertain my guest for few hours in the morning for MASA workover. Before 5pm, I completed the pack and then continue with the capacity review.

Ok…my big brother then came and ‘OK..citeler sket what was actually happened etc…well even I heard already and received the e-mail’.Well…I told him what happened. ‘You know what, we had that experience too actually with this offshore people. They were so cocky and thick with ego.’‘I’ve shared this problem with our Che Mat as well as our boss and we all agreed this kind of people can really be a big problem. But we’ll act professionally. No need to continue this argument, we just give them our final thought and if they don’t want to follow it, they’ll responsible on that.’ ‘They don’t’ even appreciate our work’ ‘Even when our supervisor went there, this guy tried to tell him this, this and this. Our supervisor then told him to shut up and asked him, if you know a lot of thing…then tell me this,this and this and this guy actually didn’t do their work..as they couldn’t answer it’

‘Take it easy. You’ve done the right thing.’‘Even with the dickhead trainee thing?’‘You’ve right and at least they know you’ve limit. But please from now on, remove the ‘trainee’ thing from yourself. You are the responsible person for this field. You are the engineer for the field.’Big smile…and thank you. I stayed for another one hour till 7 pm and went back home, with a good feeling.Good to know I did the right thing. Good to know I’ve good people around me.I’ll keep learning, not just on my job thing, but also on dealing with dickhead people like I had before.

Big smile…and thank you. ( again )

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