Who Moved My Cheese?

The long weekend was quite good as we could spent sort of quality time together as family, even i felt a bit 'sakit hati' with my adik's attitude. Come on, we normally have this special dinner once a month kat mana-mana la, and then he could just said, nak jumpa kawan, dah janji ngan kawan etc. I'm totally sicked with his habit. Selfish!Anyway, i was poorer for few hundred bucks as cabuk was sent for its 20k service on sunday. Nasib baik la me dad sponsor sket, he he. In fact, i'm gonna poorer more when my akak said the maxi rider already arrived...urghhh..luckily today dpt claim coz KL meeting ari tu.

This week? well...talking about keje nih, i don't know lah. Since i declared myself back on track few days ago, i guess i've been trying to enjoy my work then. Morning meeting, discussion, housekeeping the database, study etc. walahhh...Harris came today and suddenly said thank you for stand still even i've been treated like kuli? he he..Somehow, i guess i have this 'i'm lucky' feeling becoz i'm just a trainee which means i'm still in the learning process. Even people put the 'real' burden on shoulder, hey..at least i've good reason to say 'no', or ' i don't know' or whenever things going the other way round...i can just say ' he he tulah..sapa suruh kasik keje kat trainee'...he he teruk jugak pemikiran cam nih, but at least i have something to defend myself...

Anyway, i've been asked before, ' ko tak rasa tensen ke buat keje but kena bayar ciput jer?'mmm...not at all kot. As i've been trying to look things in a positive perspective, as i'm still trying to get use with this PE world, while my knowledge and engineering skills in this field still ciput, so i guess, i'm worthy as what i am now. Pay me 1000 bucks,give me work but let me learn...if this deal is aware by people there, i guess i won't experience the cracking-period like before.

Oh..last week i attended this q-talk where we had the chance to watch a short cartoon movie based on best selling book 'Who Moved My Cheese?', prepared by the blackbelt holder of GE. The talk wasn't so good, but the short-movie was quite entertaining and somehow, taught me something.It's all about being aware, to prepare and to move on from your comfort zone as things won't be like they are always.It did reflect what i've been experience since i join this training program, where i thought things would always be the way i wanted, then i cracked as i'm not able to overcome my 'fear' to move on etc.

And at last..hey...the grip is quite firm right now. I've good people around me that lately become more concern...from what i notice...such as Fendy, suprisingly Rozek and my bos, Zainal..as well as kassim.Then when i think back..hey i'm sort of in a comfort zone now, and i've to aware that people won't always be there to help me. So....'Who Moved My Cheese?' I've to keep my eyes on this ...

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